Research Studies Reveal the Truth About Teen Drivers and Auto Accidents

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In 2015, an AAA study revealed that the majority of auto accidents with teen drivers identified as the at-fault party were caused by distracted driving, primarily texting and driving, though talking on the phone and being distracted by drivers were also among the causes. In fact, nearly 60% of all teen driver auto accidents (from […]

Preventing Auto Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers in Charleston

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Many auto accidents occur because of elderly individuals who have become less capable of driving safely, for many different reasons, but do not realize the risk. If you have an elderly family member, then it may fall to you to notice when your loved one is no longer able to safely operate their vehicle and […]

Most Nursing Home Falls in South Carolina Are Preventable

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Anyone can slip and fall, trip and fall, or simply lose their balance and fall. It happens to the children, to adults, and particularly to the elderly. In fact, one of the reasons you may need to consider placing a loved one in a nursing home could be the fact that they have grown more […]