Bitcoins and the Law

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As with anything new, there will be problems; many arising simply because there is no precedent to follow. Since their conception in 2009, Bitcoins have continued to be a source of constant speculation and discussion among everyone from world financial leaders all the way down to the local corner businessman. Today many experts believe this […]

Fireworks Laws in Charleston SC

south carolina fireworks laws charleston

How does the law define a firework? A firework is any device designed to produce a visible or audible effect by combustion, deflagration, or detonation. South Carolina recognizes two kinds of legal fireworks: “display fireworks” and “consumer fireworks.” Display fireworks are the big and booming fireworks that we think of on the Fourth of July, whereas […]

The History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin History

In October 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper on The Cryptography Mailing List outlining the basis intent behind Bitcoin, his cryptocurrency format. This proposed idea involved using sophisticated software code to create, authenticate and protect intangible currency without involving or being dependent on any government treasury or centralized banking system. There has been much discussion […]

How Tony Stewart Could Avoid Penalty & Keep Racing

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The news made headlines across the country and shocked hardcore fans as well as those unfamiliar with NASCAR races. Over the weekend, famed driver Tony Stewart was involved in an accident that left a 20-year-old competitor, Kevin Ward Jr., dead. The news of the crash, and footage from those watching the race, cast doubt on […]

Charleston, South Carolina Jail Rules and Procedures – Leeds Avenue Jail

Leeds avenue jail charleston sc

Visitation If you’re locked up, one of the most important things is getting to see friends and family members. Visitation is allowed at Charleston jails, but there are certain hoops that must be jumped through first. Before visitation is permitted, an inmate must have been incarcerated for at least 72 hours (or three days). Once that hurdle is cleared, the […]

Bond Hearing Process In Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Bond Hearings

Bond hearings are vital part of the South Carolina criminal process because they often represent the first time a criminal defendant faces a judge. To better understand what goes on during a bond hearing in Charleston, SC, I have outlined the key components below. Right to an attorney Though the bond hearing is a critical step […]