How To Report Medical Malpractice At a South Carolina Hospital

medical malpractice south carolina hospital

It can be frightening to imagine, but thousands of people are injured every year by doctors, nurses and other staff while seeking medical treatment. Some studies have estimated that as many as 100,000 people die in American hospitals every year because of some kind of medical error, whether it’s a surgical mistake, misdiagnosis or medication error. The vast majority of […]

Is There A Patient’s Bill of Rights in South Carolina?

south carolina patient bill of rights

In states like New Jersey, Washington, California and others, residents are given the protection of what is known as a Patient’s Bill of Rights. These are state laws that mandate certain rights and responsibilities for those people seeking medical care. The laws apply to an array of medical facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities and […]

Are There Medical Malpractice Claim Caps in South Carolina?

SC Medical Malpractice Limits

If you’ve been injured by a doctor or other healthcare provider you may find yourself dealing with serious financial trouble in addition to recovering from your physical injuries. Serious medical malpractice can lead to expensive medical bills, doctor’s visits, rehabilitation and time off work. The costs can pile up quickly, making it crucial that those […]