Understanding Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Injured Man with Lawyer

Automobile accidents can involve many different considerations, such as who was responsible for an injury and who will pay for the recovery of injuries sustained. Naturally, it always helps to be prepared, and the best way to do so is to obtain adequate automotive insurance. When it comes to insurance, however, there are several options […]

What is my case worth if the other driver was texting?

Close-up of a businesswoman sending a text while driving to work

What is my case worth if the other driver was texting? Anyone who watches the news has likely heard, texting while driving has fast become a major source of injuries and deaths across not only South Carolina, but across the country. Numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that nearly 30 percent of […]

How Is Pain And Suffering Determined?

calculate pain and suffering

If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious auto accident in South Carolina, chances are you’ve gotten to experience firsthand the terrible emotional toll that accidents can take. Beyond the physical harm, medical bills and property damage, serious auto accidents can leave behind devastated families and traumatized victims. Putting a number […]

Are There Medical Malpractice Claim Caps in South Carolina?

SC Medical Malpractice Limits

If you’ve been injured by a doctor or other healthcare provider you may find yourself dealing with serious financial trouble in addition to recovering from your physical injuries. Serious medical malpractice can lead to expensive medical bills, doctor’s visits, rehabilitation and time off work. The costs can pile up quickly, making it crucial that those […]