Why Should I Appeal My Criminal Case?

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If you were arrested, charged, and convicted of a crime, you still have legal options regarding your criminal case. You have the right under the law to appeal your conviction, which is a process that investigates whether or not the court’s legal basis for their decision in your case was legal and appropriate. Courts make mistakes, and if you were denied the right to a fair trial for any procedural or substantial error, you have the right to appeal your conviction. Some of the following are reasons that you may have grounds to appeal. 

False Arrest

Whatever the reason for your arrest, law enforcement must have had probable cause to arrest you. Otherwise, you may have the right to appeal a conviction. For example, if a police officer did not obtain a warrant for your arrest, or there were no circumstances that would include any exceptions to this legal warrant requirement, you may have the right to appeal. 


If the evidence used against you in court was either inaccurate or inadequate, you may have grounds for an appeal. The evidence used against you must have been correct, as well as there must have been enough to establish that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If the evidence in your case was lacking any of these fundamental requirements, you may have the right to an appeal. 

Jury Instructions

Juries are always given very specific instructions regarding how to handle the law in your case. If the judge fails to provide correct, complete instructions to the jury, or how they should be applied or failed to provide all of the applicable laws in your case, then you may have grounds to appeal your conviction. 

Juror Misconduct

Jurors themselves must behave according to strict rules, which includes not visiting with other attorneys or witnesses in the case. If jurors failed to act appropriately, their misconduct could be grounds for your appeal. 

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