Are You the Victim of a Hit and Run Car Accident?

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Getting in an automobile accident is terrifying for most people, and right after it happens, most of us follow the same procedure.  If we are not injured and are able to do so, we pull over to the side of the road.  We do this not only to make sure we are alright, but to look at our cars for damage, to talk to the other driver or drivers involved in the collision, and to exchange insurance information.  This is what drivers are trained to do in driver’s’ education, and this facilitates the submission of insurance claims to recover for damages.

Unfortunately, there are still far too many occasions when a car accident occurs and one party to the accident does not follow this protocol, and instead flees the scene of the collision.  If this happens, you have been involved in a hit and run accident, and it is extremely important to consult an experienced automobile accident attorney before trying to settle your claims with your insurance company.

Why do Hit and Run Accidents Happen?

There are a variety of reasons why hit and run accidents occur, with the common theme that the driver of the car that does not stop is unwilling to take responsibility for his or her actions.  Some situations make it more likely that a driver will leave the scene.  For example, if the driver is drunk, he or she is more likely to flee the scene.  This is also true if the driver’s license was suspended, or if the driver was driving without a license.  If the driver has a criminal record or is carrying illegal substances, he or she may also be more likely to leave an accident scene.  Drivers that are driving without insurance also are more likely to leave the scene of an auto accident.  Whatever the reason that the other driver left the scene, you should not get stuck with the financial burden your injuries have left.

What to do if You are the Victim of a Hit and Run?

If you are the victim of a hit and run, you should call the police immediately.  It is imperative that they begin investigating the crash as soon as possible after it happens.  If there were any witnesses to the accident, make sure to get their names and contact information.  If you are not severely injured and it is possible, you should try to also figure out if any witnesses saw what happened or got a license plate number or even a partial license plate number.  Any small piece of information from a witness can help the police find the driver of the car that left the scene.

Hopefully, the police will be able to find the driver of the car that fled, but even if this does occur, there is no guarantee the driver has auto insurance, or enough auto insurance to pay your damages.   It is also true that in many cases, the hit and run driver is not located by the police.  For these and other considerations, you might consider making a claim with your own insurer, especially if you have purchased high amounts of uninsured motorist coverage.

The David Aylor Law Offices can help you figure out how to proceed, and recover the maximum amount you are entitled to by law to compensate you for your injuries and damage.  Call now for a complimentary consultation, and let us help you get fairly compensated for your hit and run related injuries.

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