What You Need to Know About Being Involved in a Bus Accident

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Country music star Travis Tritt’s tour bus was sideswiped by a vehicle driving the wrong direction on a highway in South Carolina. Although no one on the bus was injured, two people were killed and another was injured in the car accident. It appears that the wrong-way driver is at fault, though South Carolina Highway Patrol is still investigating.

How to Protect Yourself on the Road?

The sheer size of buses of any kind can result in severe injuries and damages, even in low-speed wrecks. It is important that you use caution when driving around buses and avoid these common risky driving behaviors:

  • Attempting to unsafely pass slower-moving buses; 
  • Passing on the shoulder as a bus turns; 
  • Stopping quickly in front of a bus; and 
  • Merging closely in front of a bus. 

Remember that buses need more room to stop, turn, and accelerate than cars, so be patient and do not drive too close.

You could also be injured as a passenger on a bus due to the bus driver’s or another driver’s negligence. Be certain to follow all rules on board your bus, including the use of a seatbelt if provided and remaining in your seat at all times.

How to Recover Costs After an Accident?

If you are in an accident with a bus, you will likely encounter expenses, such as medical bills and vehicle repair costs. You do not have to pay these bills alone. Instead, you can file a personal injury suit to recover your costs, as well as compensation for pain and suffering. However, you will have to prove that there was negligence on the part of the driver, bus manufacturer, or those responsible for bus maintenance.

Negligence means that the defendant had a responsibility to act in a way that protected the safety of others involved, but failed to do so in some way. These negligent actions must be shown to be the cause of the accident, and the accident must be shown to be the cause of the damages and injuries you claim.


Fault and Compensation

Once negligence and cause have been proven, the defendant can still claim that you contributed to the accident. While your attorney will help you to fight against this claim, it does not mean that you cannot collect damages, even if the defendant proves that you were partially at fault.

Under South Carolina law, you can still recover some compensation as long as you were 50 percent or less at fault for the accident. This is called comparative negligence. However, it is important to note that the damages you recover will be reduced by the degree of your fault. If, for example, you are seeking $100,000 in damages and are found to be 50 percent at fault for the accident and injuries, you will only be able to recover up to $50,000.


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