Can You Get a Job With a DUI Conviction?

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A DUI (driving under the influence) conviction leaves a permanent criminal record visible to anyone running a job background check on you. This criminal record especially hits home when potential employers fail to hire you for jobs you’re qualified for. You may also have to deal with uncomfortable questions and complications when job-hunting.

So how far back will the record affect your job opportunities? Are there jobs for people with DUI convictions? David Aylor Law Offices wants to help you fight a DUI charge before a conviction affects your employment.

How Far Back a DUI Charge Can Appear on Your Background Check

First things first: will a DUI fail a background check? A DUI conviction in South Carolina leaves a permanent criminal record that appears on your background check. This ultimately exposes you to rejection from potential employers. You may also encounter difficulties getting jobs if your license is suspended due to the offense.

DUI convictions especially make it difficult to land jobs that include driving, such as:

  • Daycare
  • Forklift/equipment operators
  • Delivery jobs
  • Messenger services
  • Military contractors
  • Real estate agents

Will a DUI Affect You If You Are Currently Employed?

A license suspension limits your movements because you cannot drive anywhere, including work. This ultimately impacts your ability to go to work. A DUI conviction can also affect you in the following ways if you’re employed:

It can make you lose your job

A DUI conviction sometimes carries a jail term ranging from a few days to several months or years. Your employer may, therefore, terminate the contract if you are sent to jail for drunk driving. If they don’t fire you, they may overlook you for promotion opportunities in future.

It affects future employment opportunities

You might not have to go through a background check if the incident happened while you were employed. But, in the future, when seeking to expand your career in a different job, a DUI will make it more stressful.

Most jobs will do a background check on you before giving you a job. Your previous employer may have overlooked your DUI charge, but a new one may not be as receptive. Based on that record, employers will pass on your application no matter how skilled you are.

Also, some industries make it harder for persons with DUI records to find jobs. They include specialized ones like healthcare and government jobs. You may have made a one-time mistake and learned a lesson from it, but some employers may not see it.

Why Are Employers Hesitant To Accommodate Employees With DUI Records?

Your potential employer’s objection to giving you a job if you have a DUI conviction may not be intentional. They have to determine if the benefits outweigh the risks. Most prefer not to go down this path once they discover a DUI record in your background check.

Employers sometimes perceive a DUI conviction as evidence that you are a safety risk. Hence, they wouldn’t trust you with operating equipment. Additionally, a healthcare facility may not want to risk you harming a patient while on the job, as they wouldn’t want to deal with lawsuits resulting from such an incident.

Insurance companies also influence what actions employers take on employees with DUI records. By hiring you, employers risk insurance providers increasing premiums. Hence, they would rather avoid hiring you to evade paying higher insurance premiums.

Having a DUI record complicates your employment opportunities. But you can still get a good job even with a DUI conviction. The safest course for your employment is to not have a DUI conviction on your record at all. Reach out to an attorney that focuses on fighting DUI charges for help.

Are There Jobs for Individuals With DUI Convictions?

The hypercompetitive economy has made companies realize the value of hiring strong candidates to fill their job positions. However, for a long time, the criminal justice system locked out top talent from occupying jobs due to their background checks.

The statistics don’t work in favor of companies because they miss out on qualified talent from this considerable population.

Employers continue to warm up to second-chance employment programs. The programs are courtesy of the Second Chance Business Coalition, which has more than 40 member companies.

Companies where you can find jobs with a DUI record

The Second Chance Business Coalition gives you the opportunities to work for companies like these:

  • Visa
  • Target
  • P&G
  • Virgin Group
  • PayPal
  • AON
  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan Chase & CO.
  • CVS
  • Gap Inc.
  • Kelly
  • Walmart
  • American Airlines

You can also do online jobs that don’t require background checks. They include freelance writing, graphic design, software engineering, network design, and social media marketing.

Other jobs that may not discriminate against you based on a DUI record include being a flight attendant, architect, electrician, and receptionist.

How To Get A Job With A DUI Record

You can get a job with a DUI record by doing the following:

  1. Do a background check on yourself to see what the employer will find out about you. You may find errors and request them to be corrected before you try getting a job.
  2. Be honest about the DUI record. Employers may appreciate your honesty and improve their perception of you for the job.
  3. While being honest is good, waiting for the right opportunity to bring it up is appropriate. Follow the interviewer’s lead and address it when they ask if you have any criminal record.
  4. Explain the circumstances of the offense and show that you have changed. It may ease the employer’s concerns about your suitability for the job.

Hire a DUI Lawyer in Charleston, SC Today

David Aylor Law Offices will help you navigate the crucial task of DUI defense. We will guide you through the DUI charges and conviction legalities you face, and fight to keep their consequences off your record. Contact us today — we are happy to help.

Employment With DUI FAQs

Will a DUI fail a background check?

A DUI may fail a background check. Employers must conduct a background check to determine your suitability for their organization. If you have a DUI record, it could ruin your chances of getting the job.

Can I get a job with a DUI conviction?

Yes, you can get a job with a DUI conviction. You may do online jobs like freelance writing or graphic design with a DUI record. Also, companies under the Second Chance Business Coalition accept employees with criminal records to work for them.

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