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Cloud Computing

As within the medical field where doctor/patient confidentiality is one of the major cornerstones, the same holds true in all …

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Nursing Abuse and Alzheimer’s Patients

While the abuse or neglect of loved ones residing in nursing homes is a devastating topic, alarmingly enough, according to …

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 Bitcoins and the Law

As with anything new, there will be problems; many arising simply because there is no precedent to follow. Since their …

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south carolina fireworks laws charleston

Fireworks Laws in Charleston SC

How does the law define a firework? A firework is any device designed to produce a visible or audible effect by …

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Have Bitcoins Gained Our Trust?

In December, 2013 Yodlee, a software company based here in the United States whose main focus is creating personalized digital …

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Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

When people entrust their relatives or loved ones to nursing homes, they want to rest assured that these people will …

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Electronic Monitoring in Nursing Homes

When an individual places a family member into the care of a nursing home, he expects that the relative will …

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Distracted Driving in South Carolina

Most people who drive are aware that there are many things to be concerned with when travelling on the road. …

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Mental and Emotional Injuries in Car Accidents

In an automobile accident, victims can suffer from a variety of injuries, ranging from whiplash to broken bones. As most …

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Should I Accept Insurance Money Without Speaking To A Lawyer?

Just about anyone who has ever been involved in an accident can tell you that it can be a confusing …

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