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Brandi K.
Really passionate and assertive staff! I felt like they had my best interests at heart. Hard to find this kind of top notch quality.
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Dierdre K.
Everyone I have dealt with in David's office has been beyond welcoming as well as extremely professional. The attorneys of the office were all willing to speak with me on whatever issue I was having and help me reach a solution as best they could. Good people all around.
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Katie B.
His friendly office staff made sure to make me feel comfortable and kept me informed throughout my process. I would recommend Mr. Aylor to anyone that needs quick and precise representation.
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What I really like the most was how they kept me informed at every step/progress on my case.
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Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer



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You may deserve financial compensation for a personal injury accident. But it isn’t always easy to get the compensation that you deserve. We are Charleston personal injury lawyers. We are David Aylor Law Offices.

If you have been hurt, another party may be legally responsible for your injuries. Our Charleston, SC lawyers for personal injury can explore every possibility for you to receive compensation. We are experienced professionals, dedicated to helping people like you get results.

Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Charleston Victims and Families

The David Aylor Law Offices personal injury lawyers represent victims and their families. We bring claims on behalf of people who are hurt. These claims pursue financial compensation.

When you’re hurt in a personal injury accident, you are suffering. Injuries are physically painful. They limit your life, your ability to work and prevent you from caring for your family. Medical bills and household expenses are piling up.

Did you know that someone else may be legally responsible for what happened? They may pay you financial compensation. The payment that you receive can represent your financial losses and personal suffering.

If you’re hurt because of someone else’s actions, you have rights. Our Charleston personal injury lawyers specialize in helping people exercise their rights effectively.

Our lawyers:

  • Protect your rights
  • Fight for justice
  • Customize our representation to your needs

With a large legal team and a deep history in the Charleston area, we are fully equipped to represent you with skill and determination. We prioritize your rights first and advocate for you. Case management is personalized, and we always keep you up to date about the events in your case.

Get to know us and see how our injury lawyers can meet your needs when you are hurting following a personal injury. Call (843) 310-4900 or message us to talk about your situation.

Accident and Injury Compensation in Charleston

Compensation can’t undo the harm that has occurred. But it can help you get the medical care you need, pay your personal expenses and give you peace of mind. It can help prepare for the future.

Our lawyers will stand beside you and work on your behalf for your compensation. We contribute the time and attention needed to get results for you. Being the victim of an injury accident isn’t easy. But our law firm is here to ease the stress and anxiety by providing experienced, professional representation in your legal claim.

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Charleston

We handle a wide range of personal injury claims.

Whatever your circumstances, we can investigate legal fault and fight for justice, including:

  • Car accidents, auto and motor vehicle crashes
  • Truck and delivery vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Crashes involving pedestrians, bicyclists and scooters
  • Incidents at work, worker’s compensation, construction and manufacturing incidents
  • DUI/Drunk driving/Driving under the influence
  • Dog bites, animal attacks
  • Injuries that occur because of dangerous and defective products
  • Chemical leaks and toxic exposure
  • Slip and falls, dangerous conditions on land and property
  • Nursing home abuse, neglect
  • Intentional harm, assault and battery
  • Sexual assault and harassment
  • Wrongful death

We are experienced and equipped to handle a large variety of claims. We will choose from our diverse team to have the right legal team representing you.

Maximizing Results for Injury Lawsuits

Maximizing results for an injury lawsuit doesn’t happen by chance. Our law firm works diligently to investigate, build your case and pursue your compensation. Since 2007, we have provided thoughtful and personalized representation for personal injury victims.

Our law firm operates on the principle that everyone deserves qualified legal representation. Everyone deserves to know they can have legal help when they are hurt. We will treat you professionally and with respect. See how we can help you. Contact us to talk to our team and start your case.

Fair Damages for Your Injuries and Harms

The damages that are available for an injury victim depend on the harm that the person has suffered. This harm is quantified by the economic losses that you have, the suffering you endure and the impact that the accident has on your lifestyle.

You may claim compensation for the economic losses you sustain, including:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Bills for treatment and rehabilitation
  • Incidental and over-the-counter medical expenses
  • Physical therapy
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Damage to your career
  • The cost of family care that you used to provide
  • Property damage

Of course, the harm for any personal injury goes far beyond financial losses. You are suffering personally. Life will never be the same. Fair damages for your injuries and harms must also include an amount that represents these intangible losses. We help you claim compensation for:

  • Pain and physical suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Mental health suffering
  • Lifestyle changes and limitations
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of major life activities and bodily function

Each case requires and deserves a personalized evaluation of the damages that are appropriate. We understand that truly winning a case means that you receive a fair amount based on the losses that you personally have. Too many people think their case is worth too little. Let us evaluate the types of compensation that you can claim in your situation and then work for it on your behalf.

Experienced Charleston Law Firm Near You

Even if you have a great case, the defense isn’t going to volunteer to pay compensation. You need an experienced Charleston law firm near you to give you an advantage.

Here are the tasks our lawyers may assist you with:

  • Exploring whether you have a case and the type of legal claim
  • Determining who may be legally responsible; identifying insurance policies that may pay damages
  • Filing the legal claim and any insurance claims
  • Handling all interactions with the insurance company and the defense
  • Anticipating what the other side may say and how to refute it
  • Knowing what the case is worth, what categories of compensation to claim and how to prove the amount of fair compensation
  • Protecting you from unfair accusations and delay tactics that the other side may try
  • Moving the case forward, answering all your questions and keeping you up to date
  • Speaking as your representative at court hearings

At David Aylor Law Offices, you can leave it to us. We are full-service lawyers. That means our team handles everything from investigating to preparing a strategy to court appearances. You can rest assured that we have the training and experience to fully handle your case for personal injury compensation.

Our lawyers understand the tricks and strategies that the insurance companies and other parties try to avoid paying claims. We’re not fooled if they accuse you of sharing fault for the accident or accuse you of not minimizing your damages. We respond to whatever issues and questions they raise to ensure that we maximize your results and make the legal claim as manageable as possible.

Why Choose Our Charleston Injury Lawyers?

Through the years, people have come to rely on David Aylor Law Offices for their personal legal needs. You don’t expect to need a personal injury lawyer. But our Charleston team is ready when you need us. Our exclusive goal is to help you.

Here are some reasons people choose our Charleston lawyers:

  • A law firm that specializes in personal injury claims
  • Handling claims in Charleston and the surrounding areas
  • Experience and resources to handle complex claims involving catastrophic injury, multiple defendants and unique legal challenges
  • A track record of success advocating for personal injury victims
  • Knowledge of the laws and legal procedures for personal injury claims in South Carolina
  • Identification and focus on the legal issues that matter to you most
  • We get to know you and communicate with you throughout the case
  • Honors and recognition including “Best of Charleston” and “Best Personal Injury Attorney” by the Charleston City Paper
  • Named “Best Personal Injury Attorney” by the Post & Courier
  • Elite Lawyer of the South – National Law Journal
  • Super Lawyer (2022), other awards and honors

We’re honored to serve each person who needs help following a personal injury accident. Through legal advocacy, we will demand justice for your claim and work to hold others accountable for their actions.

What type of case is a personal injury case?

A personal injury case is a civil case for financial compensation. The victim initiates the case with the goal of receiving a monetary payment for the harm they have suffered. Most claims are based on negligence, but a claim may also be based on recklessness or intentional harm.

How do I get compensation for a personal injury?

Getting compensation for a personal injury usually means filing a formal legal claim. It may also mean negotiating compensation from an insurance company. Our lawyers know all the steps needed for you to receive a payment. We take care of everything – both inside and outside the courtroom – so that you can get justice for your case.

Will my case go to trial?

Victims are often worried about their case going to trial. They imagine long days on the witness stand being grilled by defense lawyers. Don’t worry – most cases never go to trial. It is our goal to represent you in the best way for you. That means building a strong case and negotiating possible resolutions that don’t involve going to trial.

Ultimately, you may choose to have a trial in your case. Whatever you decide, we are here to represent you aggressively. Talk to our team about what makes a case likely to go to trial and whether having a trial is one of your legal goals.

Can I afford a lawyer?

At David Aylor Law Offices, we believe that every person who is injured should be able to afford a lawyer. Come for a consultation with no cost and no obligation. See how we offer reasonable fees and how we get results for you. You may find that you can’t afford not to have a lawyer!

How do I hire your lawyers?

Start your case with a free consultation with our legal team. At your consultation, we learn about what happened. You tell your story, and we ask lots of questions. Then, we talk about the law and how it might apply to your claim. You can ask whatever questions you have about the case and the legal process. You get to know our legal team and meet the people who will be working on your case.

We explain how we are paid for services, and we always provide a representation agreement in writing. Then, we get right to work building your case and working for your compensation.

What if I can’t come to your Charleston offices?

Consultations are available in our Charleston offices, and we can also meet you at home, in the hospital or anywhere else that is convenient for you. It is our goal to meet your needs and ease the stress and burden while you recover from your injuries.

Our Offices in Charleston


24 Broad St

Charleston, SC 29401


(843) 310-4900


David Aylor Law Offices is located on 24 Broad Street in the heard of downtown Charleston, SC. The offices are located on Broad Street near the corner of Broad St. and State St. It is a pink, two-story building with white windows. The number “24” is on the side. The name David Aylor is on the building on a placard. There is meter parking in front of the building.


Our offices are open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Plus, you can make an appointment for any other time that is convenient for you. Calls are answered 24/7. We’re here when you need us.

Free Consultation – Serving the Injured in Charleston

We offer free consultations for anyone who wants to learn more about their personal injury claim. Request your consultation to see what’s involved in bringing a case and what compensation you may receive. Meet our legal team and see how we can help when you’re suffering because of an injury.

The David Aylor Law Offices is proud to be here for victims and families in Charleston. This may be one of the biggest challenges of your life. We are a professional, experienced, and fully-resourced law firm ready to provide you excellent representation.

To start your case and receive a consultation, (843) 310-4900 or send us a message. Phones are answered 24/7. Call us now.


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