Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries from Car Accidents

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Most of us ride in cars every day to get back and forth to work and it’s our main mode of transportation. We are so used to riding in these vehicles, that we forget how dangerous they are. Any accident can cause life-altering injuries, especially when you injure your spinal cord or brain. Having one of these injuries can completely change your life. You could lose your job, quality of life, and have a large amount of future medical bills. If you have been in a serious car accident with catastrophic injuries, you need assistance. It is time to reach out to an experienced attorney. 

David Aylor Law Offices is a Personal Injury firm that has handled many cases with the brain and spinal cord injuries from car accidents. We understand the severity of these injuries and how important it is that you have an experienced attorney on your side. When you’ve been in a serious car accident, your focus should be on reducing your stress and healing. There’s a good possibility that life will never go back to what it was, and you will have to adjust. Compensation can’t give you your life back, but it can help you cover your medical bills and other expenses. If you have been a victim of a car accident because of the negligence of another party, we can help. Contact our offices today to set up your free consultation. 


Why do I need a lawyer?

There are many ways that you can injure your brain or spine, and car accidents are some of the most common instances. Any car accident can be complicated, but you have more to lose with severe spinal injuries. If you don’t get a proper settlement, you could miss out on vital medical treatment. It’s expensive recovering from a catastrophic injury and an experienced attorney can assist you. Initially, we will review all of the details of your accident. It’s important that we build a strong case showing who was at fault. Then, we will speak to insurance companies on your behalf. All you need to do is focus on getting better. 

You could choose to handle your case on your own, but it will be difficult. Remember, insurance companies are focused on paying out the least amount possible. With serious injuries, you need a large settlement to cover all of your expenses. If you call an insurance company on your own, they will take advantage of the fact that you’re unfamiliar with the process. When an attorney calls on your behalf, insurance companies know that you’re serious. Don’t take chances when you desperately need your settlement. 


What kind of compensation can I get?

Each case is different, so we won’t be able to go over your options until you come into our office. However, there are three main areas of damages that we seek: physical, emotional, and punitive. With physical damages, we will go off receipts and estimated care costs. If you have serious injuries, you could need medical care for years to come. It is important that your settlement covers these costs. Emotional damages can be harder to evaluate, but an experienced attorney can come up with a proper settlement amount. Finally, punitive damages can be sought in certain cases. This is additional damage for negligent parties that acted in a malicious manner. If your injuries were the cause of an intoxicated driver, we could seek punitive damages. 

We have handled many cases with spinal cord and brain injuries, some of the most common compensation we’ve received includes:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential 
  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Home healthcare
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Psychological Injuries


What types of spinal cord injuries are there?

There are two main types of spinal cord injuries:

  • Incomplete: With this injury, the spinal cord is only partially severed. So, the victim will retain some function of the body, but it depends on the injuries. With an incomplete spinal cord injury, you could have a loss of motor skills as well as paralysis. 
  • Complete: A complete spinal cord injury means that the cord is fully severed. In this type of injury victims will have some form of paralysis, whether it’s triplegia, paraplegia, or quadriplegia. With some medical treatments, it is possible to regain some function, but there are cases where the paralysis is permanent. 

With spinal cord injuries, you could need several operations and treatments before you see any improvement. It is important that you act fast with treatment, as this has been shown to decrease long-term effects. Victims with spinal cord injuries typically won’t be able to go back to work, which means they will need to be on some form of disability. So, you can see how important it is that you get compensation to cover this medical care. A settlement will help cover medical and daily expenses until the victim can figure out their next steps to take. 


Do I have a case?

If your car accident was at the fault of someone else, then you have a case. In South Carolina, you can be found at fault in your own accident. For example, if you don’t use a turn signal, and someone rear-ends you, then you could be found partially at fault for your accident. It’s important that you hire an attorney that can build you the strongest case possible. If you are found at fault in your accident you will only receive a percentage of a settlement. In fact, if you are found over 51% at fault for your accident, you won’t receive any compensation at all. 


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