Common Injuries in Car Accidents

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Even though every accident is a bit different, there are commonalities associated with injuries in car accidents. Some accidents result in minor injuries while others have catastrophic injuries. There are many factors that can determine the types of injuries and how severe they will be. David Aylor is a skilled Charleston car accident lawyer that has handled many car accident cases over the past 15 years. In all of these cases, some of the most common injuries include:


Brain Injuries 

These injuries can result from cars stopping suddenly, causing your brain to crash forward into your skull. If you’re not wearing your seatbelt, your head hitting an object at high speeds can also result in brain injuries. Most of these injuries can range from minor concussions to more severe brain damage. There are situations where brain damage isn’t noticed immediately, so if you have hit your head in an accident you need to go get it checked out. 

Facial Injuries

There is nothing protecting your face from the windshield or window in the event of an accident. It’s common to have cuts, fractures, bruises, and even disfigurement. There are also cases where victims have glass in their faces for years following these accidents. 

Back and Neck 

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries when involved in a car accident. The momentum of the car’s impact and your body jerking forward can put stress on your spine. There are also situations where discs are herniated, and spines can be severed. Whiplash can seem like a minor injury, but it can turn into something more serious. You should always seek medical attention if your neck or spine hurt after an accident. 

Chest Injuries

The way that your seatbelt sits across your chest makes it easy to hurt your chest in an accident. You could have bruised ribs, broken ribs, or even a broken collar bone. Make sure to pay attention to any bruising of your ribs following an accident. 

Broken Bones

It’s common to have broken bones in a car accident, especially when the airbags deploy. The force of the airbag, along with the restraint of the seat belt, is the perfect environment for broken bones. 

Knee trauma

Many drivers sit too close to the steering wheel, which puts their knee inches from the dash. In a car crash, the knee impales into the dash which can cause trauma. If this impact is hard enough, the driver can find themselves with a broken hip too. Make sure to sit an appropriate distance back from the wheel to prevent this injury from happening. 


Always go to the doctor after an accident. 

You won’t know the extent of your injuries until you see a medical professional. There are many injuries that you won’t be able to diagnose unless you see someone. For example; how would you know that you had internal bleeding unless you had a scan? Some of these injuries can be life-threatening if they aren’t treated. Take care of yourself after a car accident and seek medical care. Remember, you need to share all of your medical diagnoses and expenses with your lawyer to get a proper settlement. 


You need a Charleston car accident attorney on your side

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