4 Common DUI Scenarios and How to Avoid Them

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Anyone who’s gotten a DUI knows that it’s never planned. No one ever starts the day thinking, “I’m going to go drink and drive later.”  Rather, something happens to create a situation where the person feels that driving under the influence of alcohol is the only option. Once you are intoxicated, your judgment is impaired, and you will likely make poor choices, even if you are generally very reasonable. So, it’s important to make good choices in advance, and plan ahead to avoid any scenario where drunk driving may take place.

Our South Carolina DUI Lawyers see a lot of unusual situations, but almost all DUIs can probably be summed up as starting in one of the following four ways–

Scenario #1: Hitting the Bar

In this scenario, the person plans to go to a bar, restaurant, or other establishment that serves alcohol. The person plans to drink, and the person knows he or she will have to get there and get home somehow.  In these situations, there is really no excuse for getting drunk and not having a plan. Taxis, ride share apps, and designated drivers are all available, so pick one and have a plan.

Scenario #2: The Office or House Party

This situation can be less clear. Perhaps there is a work party where alcohol is being served. Maybe you didn’t plan to drink, but you changed your mind. Or, maybe you had a co-worker ready to take you home, but he or she left early. These scenarios are very common. Just have a back-up plan. Check with your employer to see if overnight parking is an issue. If not, leave your car, take a cab, and have someone drive you back to get the car the next day. $30 cab fare is far cheaper than a DUI.

Scenario #3: Date Night

One of the most complicated situations is a date. Perhaps you went on a date and had a few drinks. Perhaps you went back to the other person’s home and had a few drinks, but now you want to go home. This can present a catch-22. If you stay, it’s uncomfortable. If you leave, you risk hurting someone or getting a DUI.

A lot of people end up driving drunk because the alternative makes them feel uncomfortable (e.g. spending the night with a stranger or someone you don’t know well). Before you even start a date, think about the various scenarios and what you will do if you decide to drink.

Scenario #4: Unexpected Emergency

Possibly the most innocent of all scenarios is the emergency. Perhaps you are drinking and enjoying a game on TV, while your child spends the night at a friend’s house. All the sudden, you get a call that your child is having a bad time and needs to come home. These tough situations present a real dilemma. Ultimately, the right answer will never involve getting behind the wheel drunk. If your child is spending the night with friend’s, let the friend’s parents know that you won’t be able to drive, because you plan to have a few drinks. Have a plan in place in case something comes up.

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