Consequences of Drug Use in the Military

May 4, 2020

If you are a member of the military in South Carolina and live on any of the military bases, you must follow a strict code of conduct established by the military. In some cases, the pressures of military life can tempt a service member to use drugs. This decision can then balloon into a significant drug problem. The consequences of using illegal drugs in the military are severe, as military service members are often required to react quickly, have quick reactions and decision-making ability, and act appropriately as a member of our armed forces. If you were caught using illegal drugs while you were a member of the military, you may face unique consequences and strict penalties. 

Military Drug Charges 

The Uniform Code of Military Justice strictly prohibits any use or possession of an illegal drug and the military operates with a zero-tolerance policy. Severe punishments occur for those military members caught using drugs, and entire careers can be destroyed in an instant. If you tested positive for an illegal drug, refused to take a drug test, illegally tampered with a drug test in any way, possessed any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, or distributed drugs, you may be facing a military drug charge under Article 112(a) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Judge Advocate General Attorney 

Every case of drug possession or abuse in the military will allow the defendant the opportunity to be represented for free by a Judge Advocate General (JAG) attorney. However, having a military-appointed attorney may not prove to be in your best interest. The military has unlimited resources at their disposal in their prosecution against you in your drug-related case, and JAG attorneys typically have heavy caseloads and may not be able to afford you the attention you deserve. Additionally, if you fail to win your case, you may lose your career, have a permanent record, and even lost your freedom if you are sent to jail. Additionally, the military does not require that a JAG attorney be present during any legal investigation or questioning, leaving you unrepresented during these critical times. 

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