Heart Attack After Car Accidents — What’s the Connection?

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Everyone knows that profound car accidents can result in bone fractures, torn ligaments, and sprained or ruptured muscles. However, numerous people are unaware that a severe car crash can lead to injury to your cardiovascular system. Accidents involving a car, truck, or motorcycle can be incredibly upsetting experiences. Cardiovascular problems, such as cardiac arrest and irregular heartbeats, are common after car accidents.

In an automobile accident, the stress and trauma that a driver or passenger goes through cannot be overemphasized. See a doctor right away if you experience pain after a fatal car crash or any traumatic event. After seeking immediate medical attention, you should speak with an injury lawyer to learn more about your possible legal avenues.

What Is a Heart Attack?

A myocardial infarction, the medical term for a heart attack, occurs when there is insufficient blood circulation to heart muscles. When fat, lipids, and plaque accrue in the coronary arteries, the arteries become denser and more rigid. A blood clot that forms if the plaque ruptures will prevent oxygen-rich blood from reaching the heart’s muscles. A cardiac arrest occurs as a result of this circumstance.

When a heart attack occurs, Muscles supplied by that artery start to die because of a decreased blood flow. The more time goes by without reestablishing blood circulation, the more harm the cardiac muscles experience. When a muscle dies, it leads to a permanent heart injury.

Causes of a Heart Attack

Most of the time, a heart attack is precipitated by pre-existing cardiac conditions and diseases. Nevertheless, under duress, sometimes after a trauma, a healthy person can have a cardiac arrest. This is rare, but it does happen.

Heart attacks can be brought on by a variety of factors, including:

  • Working in an environment where toxic chemicals were present and exposure to them deteriorating the heart.
  • Consuming poison that is harmful to the heart.
  • A mishap that results in serious harm to cardiac muscles.
  • A severe accident that triggers.

Common Symptoms of Heart Attack

Sometimes, Heart attacks can occur with no warning signs or symptoms whatsoever. Silent heart conditions are the most threatening because the victim is unaware that any harm has been done. In some cases, a heart attack can introduce rapid, severe symptoms that notify the victim right away that everything is not okay. However, it is more prevalent for a victim to feel minor discomfort over time.

A few of the warning signs of an impending heart attack encompass:

  • Chest discomfort or pain
  • Intensified anxiety
  • Lightheadedness
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Arm pain or discomfort
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Uneasiness in the Jaw, back, or neck
  • A general feeling of illness

Can a Heart Attack Occur from a Car Accident?

Even though it’s rare, being in a car accident can result in a heart attack. It all starts with a cardiac contusion, also known as a myocardial contusion. Deceleration injuries or blunt chest trauma can end up damaging the anterolateral heart muscle, leading to this condition. Usually, this affects the heart’s right ventricle, but it can happen anywhere in the heart.

A rupture of the sternum or several broken ribs is frequently found alongside a cardiac contusion. Arrhythmia (an abnormal heartbeat) and hypotension are the most common side effects of this injury. Cardiovascular bruises, on the other hand, can lead to life-threatening complications, such as:

  • Rhythm disturbances in the heart
  • Rupture of the aorta
  • Failure of the heart’s two chambers
  • A fracture of the heart’s septum

A heart attack occurs when a blood clot or other stoppage of blood supply to the heart muscle occurs.  Drivers in high-speed accidents, where the steering directly interacts with the chest, are at risk of cardiac contusions. If you don’t wear a seat belt or get hit by an airbag, it can hurt your heart. Anyone who suffers cardiac arrest after being involved in a car accident for which they were not responsible may be entitled to compensation.

What to do after a Car Accident?

Get examined immediately

As soon as a person is appropriately diagnosed after a car accident, the earlier they can eliminate a possible life-threatening injury through screening procedures and medical care. As injury lawyers, we advise our clients that the sooner they receive the proper medical care, the faster they can return to excellent health and recover fully. However, the most important thing with this injury is to subdue out much more significant damage as quickly as practicable.

Seek Medical Treatment

Seek medical attention and a referral for imaging techniques to determine if you have experienced this type of injury. When your doctor doesn’t know what’s causing your signs, they can’t treat you. Diagnostic testing, such as a CT scan, is necessary to determine what that is so your physician can deliver the best care and make any necessary recommendations.


The earlier you document your claim, the easier it will be to avoid potential insurance issues. Early medical records will demonstrate to a health insurance provider or a No-Fault insurance agency that the car accident was the cause of your discomfort. Regardless of the extent of the damage, you’ve recorded the initial signs and will be better prepared if the insurance provider disputes the cause and effect relationship and refuses to pay for healthcare. When health insurers are required to pay for appropriate medical care, they will search for a temporal relationship that can be established with early diagnosis and treatment documentary evidence.

Consult a Lawyer

Consult with a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience representing people who have been injured in automobile accidents. The majority of experienced lawyers have helped people with heart problems after a car crash.  A lawyer can help you review your health records and the healthcare services you’re acquiring to ensure that costs are covered. They can utilize a car accident payment calculator to assist you in evaluating how much your lawsuit is good enough to justify if another driver’s ignorance or recklessness caused your anguish and incapacity.

Let Us Support You

After a car accident, heart attacks and other heart conditions are more common than most people understand. After a car accident, it’s critical to obtain the services of a lawyer with experience handling heart attack and car accident lawsuits. At David Aylor Law Offices, our team of lawyers has experience dealing with cases associated with car accidents. Ensure you contact us today to get representation and necessary guidance as you seek justice.



Is It Necessary for Me to Contact the Other Driver’s Insurance Company to Resolve This Matter?

The careless driver’s insurance provider will contact you to get more details about your injuries and the incidents. However, never consent to have these discussions documented.

Do I Require a Lawyer in a Car Accident Suit?

It is not compulsory to have legal representation. However, it is always advised to consult an experienced lawyer for assistance.

Can I be Denied Compensation?

Yes. If an insurance company evaluates the situation and determines that you don’t meet the minimum requirements, they do not cater to your expenses.


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