How is Sexual Harassment Defined in Charleston, SC?

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When Charleston sexual harassment occurs, it can hurt, offend and embarrass another. It can be against a man or a woman of any sexual orientation, age or nationality and happen in the workplace, on the street or at home. It is a form of sexual discrimination and can include unwanted sexual advances, asking for sexual favors, or any other type of verbal or physical abuse that hurts another or makes them feel uncomfortable.

When is Act Considered Sexual Harassment?

Any adverse, inappropriate actions against another are considered Charleston sexual harassment when it puts your employment at risk and affects your job performance. Sexual harassment can also intimidate you, be offensive or create a hostile work environment. It can happen from a co-worker, supervisor, or friend. If you are put in a situation where you feel uncomfortable because of what someone said, how they touched you, or a gesture they made, it is considered sexual harassment and it needs to be dealt with by your employer or even the police.

What Are the Effects of Charleston Sexual Harassment?

The effects of this abuse can be devastating to those that experience it. You may be angry or scared. You may feel self-conscious or be embarrassed. Some people have problems sleeping because they are thinking about their aggressor or replay the events that happened in their mind. Many will have a loss of appetite and be unable to eat while the abuse is going on.

How is A Student Affected by Charleston Sexual Harassment?

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Students can also be victims of sexual harassment. A teacher, professor or even another student can make sexual advances toward you that are inappropriate. Students can have a diverse range of emotions when they are affected by this type of abuse. It can affect their school performance and make it difficult for them to pay attention in class. They may avoid participating in activities or going to particular places where they know they will be harassed. You may also notice that a student that has been affected by this type of abuse will stop going to study groups or visiting with their professor or teaching assistant, especially if they are the harassers. It can even get as drastic as them changing their major or dropping out of a class. They may even stop attending school altogether to avoid the abuse.

How is An Employee Affected by Charleston Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment in Charleston, as well as most places, is most common in the workplace. If you think a coworker has been sexually harassed, you may see them start having unusual behavior. They may have difficulty focusing on the work at hand. They may stop participating in group discussions or avoid group meetings by skipping them all together. A worker that is being harassed may start to use all their PTO time or sick leave to avoid being at work and being around the person that is harassing them. They may avoid certain areas of the building that you work in and may even say they want to quit their job. It is common for a worker that is being sexually harassed to leave their job altogether to make the abuse stop.

What Are the Types of Charleston Sexual Harassment?

There are two different types of sexual harassment. One is quid pro quo. This is when your status at your job is tied to how you react to your supervisor’s or manager’s advances that may be sexual in nature. For example, you may have been fired be cause you rejected your boss’ sexual request or you may not have gotten a raise because of it. You could have been passed up for that promotion because you tried to ignore being sexually harassed by them and you refused to give into them sexually. Quid pro quo refers to aggressors that have the power when it comes to Charleston sexual harassment and can prevent you from advancing in your career.

The other type of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. This is when an employee puts up with sexual comments that are considered to be offensive or physical contact that is unnecessary and unwelcome. You could also be exposed to sexually-explicit materials without your consent as a part of your work environment. Overall your workplace could be considered a hostile environment with anyone from a supervisor, manager, co-worker, vendor or customer, creating the abuse.

How Do I Make Charleston Sexual Harassment Stop?

There are several ways that you can make Charleston sexual harassment stop whether it is at work, school or at another location. Some of your options include:

  • Telling the harasser to stop
  • Talking to your employer
  • Reporting it to a supervisor
  • Notifying your human resources department
  • Filing a complaint with your union
  • Hiring an attorney
  • Contacting local law enforcement

Be sure to make a write down the details and events of the harassment as well as providing all communication in writing. This will provide a record for evidence in you legal case should you choose to file a lawsuit.

Should My Employer Have A Charleston Sexual Harassment Policy?

Yes, your employer should have a Charleston sexual harassment policy in place. This can help provide a safe environment for you as well as everyone that works there. Most companies do employ a sexual harassment policy that outlines what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior. If your company does have a policy in place, it is sending a message that this type of abuse is acceptable in the workplace and they could be found liable for actions of an employee’s that are considered sexual harassment.

Some companies have taken sexual harassment a step further and provide additional training to their staff on how to identify, avoid, and report sexual harassment to their HR department. If your company is without a written policy, now is a good time to review and implement those procedures.

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