How Will I Pay For My Surgery after a Car Accident in Charleston, SC?

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When you get involved in a car accident, you must seek medical attention immediately because your health is more important than anything else. However, you should also try as much as possible to gather evidence from the accident scene because you may need it later when filing an injury claim.

When seeking treatment, your doctor will advise you to go for surgery. But the most critical question that most victims ask is, “how will I pay for my surgery”? This is because the cost of surgery can be so high that you may not afford it. Here is a guide on how to pay for your surgery after a car accident.

Talk to Your Insurer

One of the main reasons for having health insurance is that you do not need to dig in your pockets to pay for surgery after a car accident. The insurance company may pay for the surgery and other medical bills.

Therefore, contact your insurance company immediately after an accident. The insurer will ask you several questions concerning the accident.

Use the evidence you collected from the accident scene to describe to your insurer how everything transpired. The insurance company will analyze the legal liability and advise you on the way forward.

It would be best to ask as many questions as possible and be sure that the insurance company will pay for your surgery costs. Never assume that the insurer will automatically cover the surgery costs until you understand their policy on such surgical procedures.

When you know what your insurer covers, you will make informed decisions and start preparing for other bills that may come to you.

It is best to note down every detail you discuss with your insurance company to present it to your lawyer when needed. In most cases, you do not need to visit the insurance company physically. You can call them and express yourself clearly so that the insurer gets a clear picture of the accident.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, you may decide to file a case against the defendant. However, the process can be complicated and challenging if you do not have the right skills. Dealing with insurance companies and the defendant’s lawyer may not be if you do not have adequate skills.

The process requires in-depth legal knowledge to succeed. This is because some insurance companies may want to compromise the process and pay a lower amount than what you deserve. The other driver may also have an experienced lawyer, making your case weaker. In this case, it is best to contact your car accident lawyer immediately after the accident happens.

An experienced lawyer such as David Aylor has experience dealing with insurance companies and will do all it takes to help you.

When contacting your lawyer, you need to have concrete evidence of everything that transpired during the accident. These are crucial details that the lawyer can use when dealing with insurance or even the court.

The lawyer will ask you several questions to get conversant with everything that happened and make informed decisions. Here are the details that the lawyer will need before they pursue the claim.

  •    Contact details and car number of the driver who caused the accident.
    •    Insurance company name and contact details of the other driver.
    •    The date, time, and the exact location of the accident.
    •    Witnesses as at the time of the accident.
    •    Photos, videos, and CCTV footage of the accident, including the cars involved.
    •    If the other driver is employed, the lawyer will look for the employer’s location and contact details.
    •    Manufacturer of the vehicle to determine if the company sells quality or counterfeit products.

In some cases, the lawyer may also need details of the local government agencies. This happens when an accident occurs due to poor roads. The lawyer can help you determine what to do if the accident was a result of unsafe roads.

More shreds of evidence will help the lawyer file a strong case against the defendant to enable you to get maximum compensation.

Once the lawyer gets enough evidence, they will determine how much money you will likely get. This is because accidents vary. What one victim gets as compensation may be different from the next victim.

Your lawyer will advise you on an approximate figure. If you notice that the money is relatively lower than what the hospital needs for your surgery, it’d be best to start looking for more money to top up.

In some cases, getting a good lawyer can help you get compensated for the lost wages. This is because if your doctor asks you to have bed rest, you will not be able to go to work either temporarily or permanently. This means you no longer have a regular income stream.

The defendant needs to compensate you for the lost wages so that the money will cushion you when you’re not working. This is why it is best to work with an experienced lawyer such as David Aylor, who understands the nitty-gritty of car injury claims.

Car accidents can also traumatize the victims, causing them emotional pain and suffering. You may also get compensated for the pain and suffering if you work with a lawyer who understands the process well.

A reputable and experienced lawyer has your best interest at heart and will do all it takes to help you get what you deserve. The lawyer will create a concrete plan and strategy to run the case through litigation and negotiation until the case ends.

Car Accident Surgery and Compensation FAQs


How soon should I go for surgery after a car accident?

It would be best if you saw your doctor immediately after an accident. Immediate medical attention will help you get back to your feet as soon as possible.

What are some of the common car accident injuries that may require surgery?

Car accident injuries vary from one accident to another. Most people suffer head injuries, back injuries, whiplash, neck injuries, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries.

Who pays my medical bills after a car accident in Charleston, SC?

If you get injured because of someone’s negligence, the person is responsible for your medical treatment and other related expenses.


The Bottom Line

Understanding how to pay for surgery after a car accident can help you get effective treatment in time. Most importantly, working with an experienced lawyer such as David Aylor to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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