The Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend

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South Carolina is a busy tourist destination, and understandably so. It is beautiful and is the perfect spot to bask in the summer fun. Unfortunately, all the visitors also bring with them a bit of a hazard. Not because they do anything wrong, but just the sheer volume of people that aren’t familiar with the streets can result in accidents. Whether you are a resident or not, car accidents can happen every day.

The big question for everyone after an accident occurs is who is responsible for the damages that occurred. While you might think the insurance company is the right answer, you might be surprised at how often insurance companies will try to get out of paying the bill.

How Insurance Companies Profit

It would be an ideal world if insurance companies took better responsibility for the policies they sell, but the fact is, they want to take as little responsibility as possible, even though car insurance is required. Keep in mind that insurance companies are in the business of making money just like every other business, and they don’t make money when they pay out claims. Instead, they make money two ways:

  • Premiums – Whether it takes the form of a quarterly, monthly, or annual fee, this is the fee you pay to the insurance company in exchange for your coverage. The contract will lay out the conditions and terms of when the company will pay on your claims, but they will try to use every trick possible to avoid paying any more than they have to.
  • Investments – Insurance companies don’t just hang on to the money they collect from their customers. Instead, they invest money in money market funds, real estate, and bonds. They often own significant property and then rent or lease the office spaces to other businesses. The revenue stream from their investments often significantly outweighs the amount of money they collect in premiums.

Ways Insurance Companies Keep from Paying Claims

Your insurance adjuster may sound like your friend. They are who comes to your house and talks to you after an accident. They decide the value of your claim and how much will be offered to you for a settlement. However, they are not the friends they may appear. Instead, they are often highly trained negotiators who are there to minimize the amount of money the company will have to pay. Here are some of the common ways that insurance adjusters will use to deny or reduce your claim:

  • Intentionally stonewalling – They may draw out the claim process as long as they legally can in hopes that you will give up or accept a low settlement.
  • Using your words against you – They may appear to be asking innocent questions but be careful of what you say to them. They may use your words against you in an attempt to reduce or dismiss your claim.
  • Using surveillance – Yes, you heard that right. Your insurance may spy on you. They may show up without notice, follow you on social media, and more to try to catch you doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

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Another thing insurance adjusters may do is suggest you don’t need an attorney, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a Charleston car accident lawyer at David Aylor Law Offices today and let us ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

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