Make Sure Your Coaches Are Practicing Safe Football Techniques

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In Charleston, South Carolina, playing football in high school is a great way to be part of a team and stay active, it doesn’t come without risks of injury. Being hit in the head while being tackled can affect your brain and cause serious problems with your brain later.  Having coaches that practice safe football techniques can and do reduce the risk of injury. 

If your child has been injured due to inadequate coaching or neglected safety protocols, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to our experienced concussion accident attorneys today.

What Are Safe Football Training Techniques?

Your Charleston high school football coaches should be putting a focus on such things as playing safe and playing fair in both practices and games.  In order to ensure you and your teammates are reducing the risk of injury, some of the safe football techniques your football coach should be implementing include:

  1. Limiting the amount of physical contact during practices
  2. Insist that you and your teammates follow all safety rules and procedures on tackling
  3. Never allow helmet-to-helmet or helmet-to-body contact 
  4. Make sure you and your teammates are using the right protective gear including a helmet that fits properly and is in good condition.

How Can Charleston, South Carolina Football Coaches Prevent Injuries During Practice?

In order to keep you and your teammates safe during practice all players should:

  1. Have gotten a sports physical before starting to play football
  2. Warm-up and stretch before practice
  3. Use proper techniques regarding how to tackle, how to safely absorb a tackle, and how to fall to the ground in a safe manner.
  4. Stop practicing if you become hurt or feel any pain. If you are hurt, you need to get checked out by your coach and doctor before going back out on the field
  5. Stay properly hydrated. Drink lots of the proper fluids before, during and after practice. 
  6. Play other sports during the year to prevent overuse injuries

What Are Safe Play Techniques Charleston, South Carolina Football Coaches Should Use?

During all South Carolina high school football games, your coach should insist on safe play techniques. These include:

  1. Players must follow all safety rules used during practice
  2. Know the rules of football and follow them
  3. Be respectful of the referees and not argue with any of their calls
  4. Stay calm if another player is trying to hurt you on purpose. Let your coach and referee know and let them handle the problem. 

What Are the Best Practice Guidelines for Football Coaches in South Carolina?

In order to reduce the number of South Carolina high school football-related injuries, all coaches and players should follow best practice guidelines. They include:

  1. Fast Screening: If you take a hit to the head, you should go immediately to the sidelines and notify your coach or team doctor, if one is available. They should look for 3 signs: Any loss of consciousness, balance problems and stiff body issues 
  2. No Return to Play: If you were diagnosed as having a concussion or possibly having a concussion you should not return to play until you have been cleared by a doctor. 
  3. Re-Evaluation: You must be evaluated by a doctor after your first hit and should be re-evaluated to ensure your symptoms don’t become worse in the following days. 
  4. Rest: When you rest it relieves the stress and demands on your brain. This rest gives your brain the time it needs to heal after suffering an injury. You should rest completely. This means no television, video games, school-work, or reading. After you’ve rested 24-48 hours you can gradually become more active.
  5. Gradual Return to Football: It could take 10-14 days for adults and 4 weeks in youth to completely recover from a concussion. You should start a light activity that doesn’t cause you to suffer any symptoms and gradually increase your activity. 

What is the Bottom Line? 

There are many dangers to contact sports such as football but new rules and safe practice techniques over entertainment could help to reduce your risks. 

If you suffered a concussion playing high school football and your coaches failed to practice safe football techniques, you should contact our South Carolina concussion lawyers at David Aylor Law Offices. He and his team will evaluate your case and advise you of your next steps in order to ensure your safety.

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