Men as Victims of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

June 21, 2018

While it may not be popular or even comfortable for many men to discuss, sexual harassment affects women and men alike. Yes, the vast majority of sexual harassment claims are filed by women, and most perpetrators of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace remain men. Nevertheless, the Washington Post recently reported that as many as one in five claims of sexual harassment are brought by men. With this in mind, it’s time men start thinking about how they conduct themselves in the workplace. Sexual harassment is far more than a buzzword; it’s a real problem, and it destroys productivity, diminishes the workplace environment, and hurts employees and employers.

How Many Cases Involve Male Sexual Harassment Victims Each Year?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that in 2017, there were 25,605 charges of sexual harassment brought before the Commission.

Don’t let shame or embarrassment keep you from doing what’s right. Call a Charleston SC sexual harassment attorney today.

LGBT Discrimination Cases in Charleston, SC

Many discriminatory actions are taken each year against LGBT individuals. IN 2015, the EEOC received 1,412 allegations involving discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or transgender status. As EEOC reports, this marks a huge increase from the prior year, when the EEOC only received 1,100 such allegations. Upwards of $3.3 million in compensation was paid in these cases. The EEOC even offers guides and resources for employers and employees to help mitigate and prevent such problems from ever happening.

Common Acts of Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Here are a few examples of common types of harassment and discrimination experienced by men and women alike:


  • Quid pro quo (this for that): Offering favorable actions in exchange for sexual favors.
  • Hostile Environment: Constant and unwelcome conduct that makes it practically impossible to work and carry on your day
  • Unwelcome sexual advances: Constant and repeated advances, touching, and comments after the victim has asked that they stop
  • Employment decisions: Making hiring, firing, promotion, and other employment decisions based on gender, identity, sex, or other unlawful grounds.

Benefits and Purpose of Bringing up Sexual Harassment Claims

It’s important to note that it’s not all about compensation; it’s about deterrence and shifting how employers do business. By bringing and proving claims against employers, victims are shifting the landscape and forcing companies to make better, evidence-driven decisions in how they hire, promote, and retain employees. Employers who discriminate based on things like gender, sex, or other kinds of protected status diminish the workplace. They lose good employees who have a lot to contribute.

In many cases, they give up knowledge, experience, and skills that take years to develop. This is a huge economic loss for industry, and it’s entirely preventable. Every worker should be treated equally and given the same equal opportunity to succeed, based on merit, not on inherent physical or sexual attributes.

Fighting for Compensation in a Charleston, SC Sexual Harassment Case

At David Aylor Law Offices, we respect the right of every South Carolinian to go to work and be treated with dignity, respect, and equality. If you have suffered from sexual discrimination, harassment, racial discrimination, or believe that you’ve been the victim of any other form of unlawful employment practice, you deserve to be represented by a team of aggressive and skilled legal professionals who will put you first. Our firm has offices throughout the Lowcountry, in Charleston, North Charleston, and Walterboro, so we make it easy and convenient to find the help you need, when and where you need it.

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