Multi-Car Accidents: Who Is Liable in South Carolina?

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Also known as chain reaction accidents, multi-car accidents occur when three or more cars collide. Such accidents are caused by head-on collisions, lane changing, and intersection clashes, among other factors. Assessing the fault in multi-car accidents can be daunting as there are potentially complex reasons why these accidents happen.

In addition, more than one driver may be at fault, making it more challenging to resolve the matter. Such accidents are solved case-by-case, and that’s why contacting David Aylor Law Offices can help you get the best in your personal injury case. With over 14 years of experience, you will get exceptional law services for the best possible outcome.

What Is a Multi-Car Accident?

Multi-car accidents happen when two cars hit one another, a third follows, and so on. No definite number can define the number of vehicles involved in a multi-car accident, provided they are three or more. The high congestion rate, buzzing highways, reckless driving, and weather conditions are the leading causes of multi-car accidents. All it takes is for one driver to make the slightest mistake, and other following cars will smash into each other.

In addition, multi-car accidents may lead to damage to nearby property and personal injury claims. You can consider working with experienced lawyers who have handled numerous complex personal injury cases to help you get the best results.

Who Is at Fault?

It can be hard to prove who is at fault in a two-car accident, so the case becomes more complicated when three or more cars collide.

One of the basic techniques used to determine the driver at fault is that the driver who caused the initial collision is liable for the multi-car accident. In most cases, the driver who was last in the crash is not always at fault and is usually assigned the least or no claim.

But there are instances where multiple drivers can be at fault. This is where things get complicated, and the case starts getting murky. When multiple drivers caused the accident, the case may be settled by sharing liability for the accident.

Having a seasoned attorney such as David Aylor Law Offices can help you get the best compensation or pay the least amount if you are in the wrong.

How to Prove Fault in a Multi-Car Accident

Proving fault in a chain reaction accident is hectic, but fault must be assigned and compensation executed. However, eyewitnesses will sometimes have different versions of the accident. Moreover, if there were no witnesses in the event of the accident, the case may take longer to resolve as there is no reliable evidence.

Although witnesses’ presence can help determine who was at fault, drivers also refuse to take the blame. They claim that other parties involved in the accident were responsible for everything. This may be true as multiple drivers may have led to the event of a multi-car accident. Witnesses may also collaborate, making the case a hard nut to crack.

That’s why it is always recommended to contact the police immediately after the accident so that they can record any minute details that can help you have a better understanding of your situation. They usually focus on the facts, pictures, and video surveillance which will help determine the cause of the multi-car accident and who will be liable.

A good lawyer will collect valuable information such as eyewitness accounts, vehicle damages, police reports, and other evidence such as skid marks and rubbish. This will help the lawyer compare the witness statements with the physical evidence at the accident scene.

Who Will Pay for the Claims?

If you want to succeed in a multi-car accident claim, you need to prove that the other driver or drivers were at fault. This is the most challenging part of the case as numerous scenarios emerge, and the cases are usually unique. Additionally, investigators must execute an extensive breakdown to determine who will pay for the claims. This happens as drivers point fingers at each other and deny any claim presented to them.

Insurance companies also try to defend their clients. They do so because they will pay for the property and personal damage caused when one is deemed responsible for the accident.

Bottom Line About Multi-Car Accident Fault

People who have been in previous two-car accident cases, among other personal injury claims, understand the intensity of solving the case. But beware, things become complicated when three or more cars are involved. This is because no driver is willing to be accountable for the damages caused, making the case more complex. In addition, insurance companies may fail to pay the stipulated damage cost, which may force you to utilize money from your wallet.

You can worry less with David Aylor Law Offices, as we focus on complex personal injury cases like these. We have been in business since 2007 and have garnered vast law experience and skills to help you navigate a multi-car accident case. Moreover, our clients have received compensation and got closer to resuming life as usual through our diligent legal assistance. You can contact the law office today to get the best results in multi-car accident cases, among other personal injury claims.


Can You Get Compensation in a Multi-Car Accident Case?

Multi-car accidents have different scenarios which determine the mode of compensation. There are instances where one party accounts for all the damages caused, while in other cases, the compensation amount may be shared among the drivers.

What Should I Do After a Multi-Car Accident?

The first step is calling the police, who will collect valuable evidence utilized in the court. Then ensure that other passengers and drivers receive appropriate medical attention.

Should I Contact My Insurance Company in the Event of a Multi-Car Accident?

Contacting your insurance company is recommended but do not give a statement to the company right away. You should consider contacting experienced attorneys to take you through the case.

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