Can I Have My Myrtle Beach Criminal Record Expunged?

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When you have Myrtle Beach charges on your criminal record, it can follow you around in whatever that you do. It can prevent you from getting a good job and finding the housing that you are looking for. If you want to get rid of this negative part of your past, consider having your charges expunged from your record by our experienced criminal defense attorneys. This can allow you to live without the constant reminder of these events and improve the opportunities that come before you.

What is Expungement of A Myrtle Beach Criminal Record?

Expungement is the actual sealing of a criminal charge and all the record associated with it. This will remove the charge and arrest from your public record and prevent potential employers and landlords from seeing this information when they do a background check on you. It also allows you to honestly answer that you don’t have any Myrtle Beach criminal charges that you need to disclose, as these have been eliminated for good from your record. They are actually destroyed and disposed of by the courts. The Order for Destruction of Arrest Records makes it possible that the records of your arrest or criminal charge are never found again. When this order is granted and issued by the court, your arrest records booking files, fingerprints, and mugshots will be destroyed for good. These charges will be visible to the police and other law enforcement officials, but not to the general public.

Do I Qualify for Expungement of My Myrtle Beach Criminal Record?

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In order to qualify for expungement of your criminal record, you have to demonstrate the following:

  • You have lost out on job opportunities, housing, loans, college funding, and government benefits.
  • You will not obstruct public safety because your record has been sealed
  • You will gain more than the public would lose from expunging your criminal records
  • You are rehabilitated and responsible since the charges occurred
  • You have committed only a petty crime
  • You have allowed the required amount of time to pass since the arrest or conviction to have the expungement
  • You have paid all fines that were due from the charges
  • You have completed your probation sentence
  • You have not had another arrest or conviction since the charge

It is important to note that a variety of facts go into determining if a judge will allow the expungement of your criminal record. You may be eligible but be denied because of the severity of your crime.

What Type of Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Can Be Expunged?

Typically, first-time offenses and petty crimes can be expunged from your personal record. These crimes may have been charged and later dropped or dismissed and are still available on your Myrtle Beach criminal record. If you were never convicted of the crime that you are being charged for this may be expunged if you were found to be not guilty or had a conditional discharge, pretrial intervention or completed a diversion program. Some criminal convictions can also be sealed if they were non-violent or a first-time offense of a minor.

What Type of Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Can’t Be Expunged?

While a series of arrest charges can be expunged from your Myrtle Beach criminal record, there are many that cannot. These charges are typically severe or violent in nature and could harm the public if your record was sealed from their viewing. The following charges cannot be expunged from your permanent record.

  • Charges related to driving while under the influence
  • Charges related to drinking and driving
  • Violations related to your motor vehicle
  • Hunting, fishing, and gaming offense charges
  • Serious and violent crimes such as murder
  • Acts of domestic violence

How Do I Expunge My Myrtle Beach Criminal Record?

Getting your Myrtle Beach criminal charges expunged from your record takes some work. You need to follow the requirements of the court and make sure you are eligible. The process can be tedious if you have multiple charges and a criminal charges attorney can help walk you through each step. An application will need to be completed and sent to local authorities to determine if the charge you are requesting to have removed can be approved. You may have to appear in court before a judge. If the judge approves your request, the charges will be sealed on your background records, removing them from visibility by the public.

What Does Expungement of My Myrtle Beach Criminal Record Cost?

The cost to have a charge expunged from your record is approximately $310. This includes an administrative fee, verification fee, and filing fees. The payments and fees are non-refundable.

Does Expungement Erase All My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges?

Expungement of your Myrtle Beach criminal record erases one charge at a time. If you want multiple charges eliminated from your record, you will need to petition the court to have each one eliminated. You also need to keep in mind that expungement does not include records that are available on the internet. These documents are not considered a part of your criminal background records and will be able to be viewed by the public. You will need to work with these sites to see if they will remove the damaging information from their databases. An attorney may be able to help.

Can Expungement of My Myrtle Beach Criminal Record Prevent Me from Getting A Job?

You will find that by expunging your Myrtle Beach criminal record, you will be able to find employment easier. An employer will not have access to the charges or arrests that happened in your past if they are expunged. You will be able to honestly answer that you have to criminal charges on your record when you apply for the job and fill out an application.

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