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Nursing home abuse is a crime that needs to stop. Putting the elderly in harm’s way is unacceptable. As the son or daughter of a parent that needs the additional care that a nursing home is to provide, finding out that your mother or father has suffered from Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse can be devastating news. While every type of abuse to seniors is wrong, it is important to be able to identify all the possibilities of abuse to recognize the signs if there were to occur.

Is Wrongful Death A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

Your parent can suffer at the hands of a care provider. They can be abusive or treat your parent with neglect. Often times, the abuse turns severe and can cause death. There are many causes of wrongful death nursing home abuse that can occur from a care giver. Some patients that were wrongfully killed because of abuse were beaten to death. Others suffered horrendous falls. You parent could also lose their life from lack of food or over medicating that their body can’t handle. The opportunity for abuse and neglect is prevalent in a nursing home, and you need to remain vigilant to protect your parent from the abuse.

Are Bed Sores A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

Bedsores are a common cause of Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse. These sores can develop on the body at pressure points that make contact with a bed or wheelchair that your parent is in. If they are not moved frequently, these painful sores can get even worse. You’ll see these bedsores appear on your parent’s hips, back, ankles, elbows, and heels if they are present. Failure to stop these bedsores from occurring as a result of the abuse can cause death.

Are Falls A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

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As your parent ages, they may become more prone to slips and falls. This can cause them to be seriously hurt. A nursing home’s responsibility is to keep these falls to a minimum by reducing the impact of the environment around their patients. This includes making sure that there are no wet floors or slipping hazards, debris should be picked up immediately, and lighting should work and be kept bright. There also shouldn’t be any equipment that does not work or is in the way that could cause a fall. A nursing home that fails to prevent these falls is guilty of Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse.

Is Sexual Assault A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

Because many elderly seniors are affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s, they often become the victim of sexual assault by a caregiver. It is difficult for these patients to express that they have been sexually assaulted which is why they are often chosen as the victim for this type of Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse. Patients can also be intimidated by caregivers not to tell about sexual assault abuse that has occurred, or they can be punished.

Is Poor Hygiene A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

If caregivers don’t care or have the time to take care of all the residents in the facility, hygiene is another thing to suffer. Your parent may not have been bathed for days, or they may be wearing the same dirty clothes for long durations. You may notice a severe decline in the appearance of your parent and question their poor hygiene. The nursing home may also have poor hygiene when it comes to their facility. Broken and dirty bathrooms and patient rooms that are not refreshed, can put your patent in an equally bad situation.

Is Over Medicating A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

Many times, a parent that is in a nursing facility will be over medicated so that the caregiver doesn’t have to spend the time to watch and care for them. This over medication dosing can be dangerous to the weak body of your parent. This poor care often results in death, complications or additional illnesses and disease. Monitor your parent’s dosage and be sure to question if they are not acting like themselves.

Is Sepsis A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

Sepsis is a bacterial infection that finds its way into open wounds, IVs, and catheters. It can cause death if it is not properly treated for. It is very common in nursing homes and can be contracted by caregivers. If your parent develops sepsis, they will display symptoms that include shaking, sweating, confusion, fever, and chills. Because the elderly are susceptible to illnesses and have weaker immune systems, they are more prone to contract the infection. It can also cause them to lose their organs or have blood pressure readings that are extremely low and dangerous. This is another form of nursing home abuse that can be fatal.

Are Wounds A Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

While wounds happen frequently to the patients that are at a nursing facility, your parent shouldn’t be excessively covered in them. The wounds that they do have should be properly cared for by a caregiver to avoid infection. Dressings need to be changed, and the wound site needs to be cleaned to avoid further infection from occurring. These wounds can be light scrapes to large bedsore injuries that all need to be categorized and treated properly. These wounds can result neglect, where a caregiver is physically violent with the elderly resident.

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected by a caregiver at a nursing home facility, you need help from an attorney that can stop the abuse. The professional lawyers at David Aylor Law Offices can provide you legal advice on what your rights are when it comes to a loved one. Contact us today to setup a consultation to discuss your right and the legal process when it comes to this type of neglected care.

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