Never Return to Work Too Quickly Following Your Car Accident

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If you suffered injuries in a car accident, you may feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Along with your pain and suffering, there are mounting medical bills and an inability to return to work to receive wages to pay them due to your injury. As a result, many victims of car accidents attempt to hurry their recovery process and simply return to work as quickly as possible in order to start paying their medical bills and monthly household bills. However, if you suffered any kind of serious injuries related to a car accident, you should reconsider returning to work too quickly following your car accident.

Medical Evaluation and Treatment

Many serious car accidents result in severe injuries. You should always seek immediate medical evaluation as soon as possible after your car accident. Additionally, if you develop any new or worsening symptoms you should revisit your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Whatever medical evaluation you receive will likely have specialized treatment. You should take the time to follow your car accident to focus on your physical and emotional health. Some injuries that are common in car accidents take a substantial amount of time to heal. If your doctor provided you with guidance that you should remain at home and not return to work, you should heed their advice for your own health. Some injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, internal organ damage, nerve damage, whiplash, aortic dissection, and other injuries will actually worsen if a patient does not give it time to heal properly. As a result, the victim may then have a lifetime of pain and suffering due to their decision to quickly return to work instead of properly healing.

Psychological Health

Research shows that up to 10% of car accident victims are seriously affected by post-traumatic stress disorder following an accident. It is also important that you take the time you need to heal from emotional wounds created from the accident. Failure to address these properly early-on following the accident can lead to serious mental health issues later on.

Returning To Work Too Quickly and the Impact on Your Insurance Claim

If you return to work quickly after your car accident, the insurance company making a determination regarding your settlement amount may see this as a reference to the fact that you are well and healed from your injuries. If you return to work too quickly, the insurance company will see this is an excuse to say that you were not truly injured significantly in the car accident, and therefore reduce the amount of a settlement offer.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you suffered serious injuries and losses resulting from your car accident, you likely are facing substantial medical bills, property damage, loss of wages due to your inability to return to work, and pain and suffering. Contact an experienced car accident attorney at the David Aylor Law Offices today at (843) 212-2684 to learn how we can help build a strong personal injury case on your behalf while you take time to heal.

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