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If you have been in a car wreck, call our North Charleston car accident lawyers. David Aylor Law Offices represents victims and families of car accidents in compensation claims. Call us today!

Car Accident Lawyers in North Charleston

We are car accident lawyers serving North Charleston. If you are a victim, you may deserve a monetary payment.

A car accident victim must follow a complex process to receive compensation. There are many steps and important things to know about your claim. Our award-winning team wants to be your advocate and guides through the entire process.

Meet us in our office at 4197 Centre Pointe Dr. #200 in North Charleston, or we can come to the hospital or your home. Calls are answered 24/7. Contact us for your consultation and see how our car accident lawyers can help you.

Handling Car Accident Legal Claims

To receive compensation for a car accident, a victim must bring a legal claim. Our lawyers handle car accident cases on behalf of:

  • Drivers
  • Passengers and vehicle occupants
  • Pedestrians and bystanders
  • Shuttle drivers and riders
  • Taxi and rideshare participants
  • School bus and public transportation riders
  • Adults and children
  • Victims and families
  • Commercial and non-commercial drivers

The person or party at fault may be legally liable to pay the victim compensation. Negligence is an important question in determining who is responsible. In handling car accident claims, our lawyers can take care of all the steps, always while communicating with you and answering your questions.

Experienced representation

It’s hard to know the best thing to do when a car accident occurs. David Aylor Law Offices provides experienced representation that is personalized to your situation. Experience in car accident claims gives us the insight to compile everything you need and pursue your case.

If you have injuries from a car accident, you need experienced representation. We work to win our clients the compensation they deserve. Call or message us today to learn more and start your case.

Get Compensated – Judgments and Settlements

A car accident judgment or settlement is compensation for the victim of the accident. Regardless of the average amount for a settlement, you deserve what your case is worth. Damages for compensation are based on the financial losses of the victim and the personal suffering that they endure.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming what your case is worth. Our lawyers talk to many people who think their case is worth too little. When you total up all the ways that a car accident impacts you, it may be worth significantly more than you think. Medical care, pain and suffering, disfigurement, property damage, lost income and more can all add up.

Don’t wonder what your case is worth. Call us for a consultation to learn more about how car accident claims are valued and what you may receive.

Why Choose Our North Charleston Lawyers?

Since 2007, David Aylor has been serving individuals needing car accident representation. People choose David Aylor Law Offices when they are looking for a full-service law firm to help them receive compensation for a car accident. Reasons people choose our North Charleston lawyers are:

  • A track record of success: Our lawyers have represented many satisfied clients through the years. We’re proud of the results we’ve gotten for those who have relied on us.
  • We care: Each person we help represents an opportunity to get justice. We know that a car accident is a significant event. There is no such thing as a small case. Our caring team pursues your case in full.
  • Communication with our clients: When we represent you, you are not just a bystander. Communicating with you is important to understanding your situation so that we can represent your interests. As we get to know you, we tailor our communication to your style.
  • Settlements and trials pursued: No two cases are alike, and no two clients are alike. Whether it’s best to resolve your case by settlement or trial, we’re here to represent you. We’re experienced in settlement negotiations and trial advocacy. We’re comfortable in the courtroom and ready to pursue your case.
  • Commitment throughout your entire case: When we take a case, we take the whole case. From start to finish, we represent your interests. Whatever legal issues arise, we handle them with determination.

Affordable Representation – No Upfront Costs

We believe that car accident legal representation should be affordable. When you’re hurt, you should worry about your health, not dealing with the insurance company.

Money isn’t required upfront when you work with us. The cost of our representation is affordable, and we clearly explain how our fees work.

Are you wondering how our lawyers can help you? Get a consultation. Call us today to talk to a member of our team.

When to hire a car accident lawyer

The best time to hire a car accident lawyer is as soon as possible after the accident. Our lawyers get right to work immediately. The insurance company may offer money to settle the claim quickly, but it can be a trap. The sooner you have a lawyer, the sooner you have a professional team building the case and advising you at each step.

Whatever the current stage of your case, our lawyers can begin representing you and appear as your lawyers.

Proud to Serve North Charleston

David Aylor Law Offices is client focused and community driven. Since 2007, our legal team has worked tirelessly to advocate for the community. Each person and family that we represent receives the personalized attention needed for their case.

It’s a privilege to serve our local community. Each one of our clients is so important to us. By advocating for victims, we build a strong community. This commitment enables us to deliver the personalized representation that truly serves each person who needs our services.

About North Charleston

The city of North Charleston is a commercial and industrial power and home to the region’s international airport. Although the city did not incorporate until 1972, today, the city has a population of 114,852 and covers 76.6 square miles. The city uses a mayor and council government system. It has its own police department, fire and emergency services. I-26, I-526 (Mark Clark Expressway), I-526 BS (Chuck Dawley Boulevard) and other U.S. and state roads serve the municipality.

City of North Charleston Public Services

The city boasts numerous arts and culture attractions including public works of art, community workshops and classes, the North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum and Education center, and the Naval Base Memorial.

Free Consultations – Start Your Case Today

Start your case today with a free consultation. David Aylor Law Offices provides informed advice and representation for people just like you. Learn about your case and what you may receive in

compensation. There’s no cost for a consultation and no obligation. We can start your case today.

Dealing with the fallout of a crash can be frustrating and tiring. If you were the victim of a car accident, we’re here to handle your case in North Charleston.

Call or message David Aylor North Charleston car accident lawyers today.

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