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If you are facing a criminal charge, fight back with the help of our North Charleston criminal defense lawyers. We provide experienced, aggressive legal representation for misdemeanor and felony offenses.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers in North Charleston

Hearing that you are facing criminal charges is never easy. You may wonder about the future and what is going to happen. You don’t have to fight alone. David Aylor Law Offices can represent you.

At David Aylor Law Offices, we are experienced criminal defense lawyers in North Charleston. We are litigators, and we have spent a great deal of time in the local courts. We know the little details in North Charleston courts that can make a big difference in your case.

Experienced Legal Representation for Criminal Cases

From your very first court appearance, how you handle each step in the case may ultimately determine the outcome. Having experienced legal representation can give you peace of mind when you are facing criminal charges.

Since 2007, people have relied on David Aylor Law Offices to represent them in difficult circumstances. Some ways we can help you include:

  • Representation at all court appearances, beginning with your arraignment or as soon as we appear as your lawyers
  • Discussion of bond and advocating for your interests, so that you can take care of personal matters and continue to work while your case is pending
  • Discovery and obtaining evidence including police reports, videos, witness statements and more
  • Evaluation of constitutional questions and the potential exclusion of evidence
  • Identifying police errors and violations of your rights; raising these issues with the court
  • Representing you at motion hearings and preliminary hearings
  • Negotiating a plea agreement or taking your case to trial
  • Handling each court appearance, and ensuring that you are prepared
  • Guiding you and answering questions throughout the case

Quality criminal defense legal representation must be in-depth. The police are not going to admit when they make mistakes. A witness is not going to admit that they are being dishonest. Our lawyers know how to identify these issues and raise them as your defenses. Our representation is complete – we are full-service defense lawyers, handling your case from start to finish.

Lawyers who go to trial for criminal defense

Each case must be defended individually. It might be best for someone to accept a plea agreement when someone else should go to trial. At David Aylor Law Offices, we are seasoned trial lawyers. We are always ready to go to trial for a client.

We understand the evidentiary rules and the intangible things that happen in a courtroom that can ultimately make a difference for you. We are not afraid to go to trial, and you can expect us to personalize your representation at each stage in the case.

What Does a North Charleston Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A criminal defense lawyer is a trained and licensed professional who represents a person charged with the crime. They assist the person in speaking to the court, making requests of the court, identifying and analyzing legal issues and making decisions in their case.

We are criminal defense lawyers serving North Charleston. Get personalized legal representation and fight your charges. Contact us today.

Free Consultation

If you’re thinking – I can’t afford a criminal defense lawyer! – we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. We’re upfront about costs, and you can see how affordable our services can be. With so much on the line, an experienced criminal defense lawyer is an important investment in your future.

Call or message us for your free consultation. Get answers to your questions with no obligation.

Why Choose David Aylor Law Offices?

When you select David Aylor Law Offices to defend you, you’re choosing an accomplished, professional team with local experience. Highlights of our firm include:

  • A team of lawyers to serve your needs, giving you an entire team behind you, representing your interests
  • Multiple “best of” awards, honoring our success for our clients and community representation
  • Client focused, with constant communication and answers to all your questions
  • Litigation backgrounds, so we are prepared to conduct trial or negotiate a non-trial resolution
  • Knowledge of non-trial options like deferred prosecution or pre-trial intervention
  • Representation that includes preparation for each court hearing
  • A track record of success, backed by our mission to represent each client with determined, thorough representation

We are proud to stand with members of our community when they face the adversity of criminal charges.

We have proudly built our law firm to represent the needs of individuals and families in the North Charleston area. When you face the challenge of a criminal charge, we are proud to help you through this adversity.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

Types of criminal defense cases we handle include:

  • Drunk driving/DUI
  • Theft, larceny, shoplifting, embezzlement
  • Malicious destruction of property
  • Drug possession and distribution
  • Domestic violence, assault and battery
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Burglary
  • Sexual battery, other sex crimes
  • Firearms offenses
  • Hunting and fishing violations
  • Child abuse, vulnerable adult abuse
  • Serious felonies
  • All other offenses

We handle misdemeanors and felony offenses of all types. Whether you are facing multiple charges or a single offense, we can help you address the entire situation.

North Charleston Criminal Courts

The court that hears your case depends on the seriousness of the crime charged, where it allegedly occurred and what law enforcement agency investigated the case.

Courts in North Charleston

North Charleston Municipal Court

2500 City Hall Lane

North Charleston, SC 39406

Magistrate Courts of North Charleston

Multiple locations in North Charleston

First Circuit Court

Including Dorchester County

Ninth Circuit Court

Including Berkeley and Charleston Counties

Taking New Cases

You only have a short period of time to prepare your defense, but how you defend yourself can impact your life for years to come. Our North Charleston criminal defense lawyers are taking new cases now. Have confidence in your legal defense. Work with David Aylor Law Offices.

Call or send us a message. Calls are answered 24/7 and we can begin your representation immediately. Contact us now!

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