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Personal injury law is a branch of the law, which addresses those accidents and injuries by other people or other entities’ negligence. If the negligence of someone who owes you a duty of care causes you to be injured, it is time to consult with an experienced Orangeburg personal injury lawyer in South Carolina.

An Accident that Leaves You Injured

Personal injury claims come in every shape and size, but some of the most common include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents
  • Claims based on dog bites
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Nursing home abuse claims
  • Wrongful death claims in which the accident victim ultimately succumbs to their injuries
  • Accidents on commercial properties, such as slip and fall accidents (premises liability claims)

The Duty of Care Owed

In different situations, we owe each other various duties of care. For instance, when you drive, you shoulder an immense responsibility that translates to the duty of care you owe others on the road. Further, doctors owe their patients a duty of care that comports their professional peers’ standards in similar situations. On the other hand, Premises liability claims hinge upon property owners and managers who fail to maintain their premises reasonably. Personal injury law is predicated on this brand of negligence.

The Insurance Company’s Stance

If someone else’s negligence injures you, you’ll look to the at-fault party’s insurance provider to cover the damages you have suffered. While this is reasonable enough, the insurance company is almost certain to take its unique stance on the matter. The most salient point here is that the insurance company is not on your side – and the sooner you recognize this fact, the better positioned you will be to fight for your rights. The insurance company is focused on keeping its profits high and, as a result, on keeping your settlement low. The following are some of the practices insurance companies often employ to help them achieve this goal:

  • Offering a woefully inadequate but early settlement (in the hope you will accept out of desperation)
  • Prolonging and complicating the claims process (in the hope you will give up out of frustration)
  • Shifting blame off their client and directly onto you (in the hope your insecurities about the claim will get the better of you)
  • Doubting the severity of your injuries (in the hope it will severely limit the damages you receive)
  • Denying your claim outright (in the hope you will easily accept defeat)

The Damages You Endure

An essential part of your personal injury lawyer’s responsibility is ensuring that your claim encompasses your damages in their entirety.

Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses are unlikely to be static. The fact is that severe injuries can morph into secondary severe health concerns and can require ongoing treatment, care, and medical services. Some of the medical expenses you can face can include:

  • Emergency care at the scene and emergency transportation from the scene
  • Surgery and follow-up care
  • Hospital stays
  • Treatment and care from doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Adaptive physical devices
  • Adaptions to home, office, and vehicle
  • Prescription medications

Lost Wages

While you address your physical injuries and begin the long, difficult journey toward healing, you’re very likely to experience a considerable decrease in your earnings on the job. If your injuries affect your ability to perform your job, your career can be derailed, and you will likely be looking at considerable losses in your earning potential. Because many of us identify so closely with our careers and our contributions on the job, these kinds of losses can include an emotional component.

Pain and Suffering

The pain and suffering you endure due to someone else’s negligence are very real and unique to you personally. Many accident victims face serious challenges attempting to surmount these emotional damages. Common examples include:

  • Severe mood swings
  • Crying jags
  • Personality shifts
  • Sleep disturbances, including accident-related nightmares
  • Accident flashbacks
  • A tendency to self-isolate
  • Increased anxiety and anxiety attacks
  • Episodes of depression
  • Irritability

A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Guidance

The guidance you receive from a personal injury lawyer can mean the difference between obtaining just compensation for the damages you have suffered and failing to do so. Specifically, your lawyer will take on all of the following:

  • Building a solid claim that includes your damages in their entirety and all available evidence bolsters that
  • Skillfully negotiating with the insurance company for the compensation to which you are entitled
  • Communicating with the insurance company on your behalf (you are not required to provide the insurance company with a statement about the accident, and it is generally in your best interest not to do so)
  • Knowing when to cease negotiations and move forward to litigation (if it comes to this) – and being prepared to do so

Protecting Your Claims

While your personal injury claim is unique, some basic steps can help every accident victim protect their claim, including:

  • Working closely with a dedicated personal injury lawyer (whom you consult with earlier rather than later)
  • Seeking the medical attention that you need when you need it and following your doctor’s instructions carefully
  • Giving social media a pass until your claim is settled (the insurance company is watching and waiting for you to post something it can misconstrue to its advantage)

An Experienced Orangeburg Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

The resourceful personal injury lawyers at David Aylor Law Offices in Orangeburg, South Carolina, are committed to employing our knowledge and experience in pursuit of your claim’s most beneficial resolution. Because your ability to reach your fullest recovery depends upon you obtaining just compensation, we encourage you to contact or call us at 843-744-4444 to schedule your free case evaluation today.

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