Pharmaceutical Errors and Your Legal Rights

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Over 7,000 prescription medications are available in the United States for consumers. However, in many cases, these drugs are prescribed incorrectly, in incorrect quantities or without checking to see if they interact with any other drugs the patient is currently taking. However, all pharmaceutical errors are preventable. Yet, the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention indicates that thousands of injuries and fatalities occur each year due to pharmaceutical errors. thousands of serious injuries and fatalities each year. 

Pharmaceutical Errors

A pharmaceutical error that causes injury or death is medical malpractice. Pharmaceutical errors can occur in a“ doctor’s office when the doctor has medicines available or provides sample medications to a patient, in hospitals, and at the pharmacy when medications are dispensed to patients. Common types of pharmaceutical errors can include prescribing incorrect medication, switching medication between patients (in hospital settings), mislabeled medication, incorrect dosages of medication provided, confusion of medicines with similar names, not checking drug interactions before dispensing new medication, or the failure to discuss a patient’s allergies to medications before dispensing the medication. 

Failure to Discuss Risks 

Pharmaceutical errors can occur at a doctor’s office, hospital, or at the pharmacy. Pharmacies have a duty and responsibility to ensure that the correct dosages of the correct medications are provided to patients exactly as they were prescribed by their doctor. Pharmacies are also required to ensure that the patient does not have any recorded allergies to the current medication, or that it does not interact with any other medication they may currently be taking. 

Additionally, patients should be informed by a pharmacist of any risks associated with the medication. The failure to have these simple conversations and thoroughly check if the medication dispensed is accurate can lead to catastrophic injuries or death. 

Contact an Attorney

Doctors, nurses, hospitals and pharmacies have the legal responsibility to ensure that patients receive the correct medication, in the correct dosages, that do not interact with any other medications that they are taking. If you suffered any severe reactions or injuries due to a pharmaceutical error, you may have the right to receive compensation for your injuries. Contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney at David Aylor Law Offices. We can help you understand your legal rights and help you with your next steps. Contact us at (843) 212-2684 or online today.

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