Charleston Attorney David Aylor Cleared of All Alleged Sanction Violations After Federal Government Rescinds Request

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Charleston, South Carolina – December 19, 2022 – The United States Attorney’s Office in South Carolina has voluntarily withdrawn the Rule to Show Cause against Charleston attorney David Aylor. Federal prosecutors filed the Rule to Show Cause publicly and included quotes made during a sealed hearing (Federal Case No: 2:22-cr-00139, US District Court – Charleston) by Mr. Aylor before U.S. District Court Judge Brucie Hendricks. The Government acknowledged this was an inappropriate public disclosure of sealed material. The sealed information became public when the U.S. Attorney’s office filed a complaint for failure to adequately protect sealed information against Aylor.

“As I told Judge Hendricks, I take full responsibility for the actions of my staff when material was brought to jailers at the Al Cannon Detention Center. We did not provide the appropriate care in safeguarding and protecting the case information and did not intend for the dissemination,” said David Aylor. “My office’s only mistake was in leaving sealed documents in a locked room for private review, when it should have been taken there for review with counsel present.”

Federal prosecutors acknowledged to the Court that they then inappropriately publicized portions of the transcript from a sealed hearing before Judge Hendricks. The Government acknowledged this was an inappropriate public disclosure and withdrew their highly-publicized complaint against Mr. Aylor, agreeing that Mr. Aylor did not willfully intend for the discovery information to be disseminated to anyone other than his client.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right. I made an unintentional mistake, but federal prosecutors released sealed information publicly which caused tremendous damage to my reputation as an attorney and an active member of the community,” said Aylor. “I want to give particular credit to my attorney Beattie Ashmore who did an amazing job in articulating my position and the facts related to this case resulting in a dismissal of this matter.”

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