How Can I Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

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Putting your parents into a nursing home is a tough decision. You want them to have the best care and are worried that abuse or neglect could occur at their expense. While you may have deep concerns about Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse, there are some ways that you can prevent it. By vetting care givers and following up, you can protect your parent from being a victim of abuse.

Should I Keep My Visit A Secret to Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

While your parent is in a nursing care facility, of course, you will visit them as often as you can. When you make these visits, make sure to keep the date and arrival time to yourself. Care givers and staff that know you are coming can prepare for your arrival and modify their abusive ways. You will want to catch them in the act of Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse and keeping your visits private can surprise them and keep them on their toes.

Should I Questions Staff to Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

Do not be afraid to ask questions if you see something that doesn’t seem right at your parent’s nursing care facility. If you do not ask, you won’t know if it is a problem that you should be concerned about. There is no guarantee that they will tell you the truth about a negligent issue, but it is your responsibility to find out the facts so you can protect your parent at all costs.

Should I Check Care Giver Licenses to Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

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You have a right to make sure that everyone that cares for your parent is certified to do so. They should have the proper licensing to perform the nursing care. Talk to the staff at the nursing home facility about their certification and ask to see proof of their credentials. In order for a care giver to work at a nursing home facility, they must have undergone a background check as well. This will make sure that they don’t have a criminal history. Talk to the care facility your parent is at about their hiring practices. Make sure that care givers undergo screening before they are hired. This can help to prevent Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse and make sure your parent is working with a professional that is vetted.

Should I Check References to Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

When a nursing home facility provides you references to follow up on, you need to make sure that you make those calls. It is a good idea to talk to others that have placed their parents in its care. They can tell you how well their parent was cared for and it there was any problems along the way. You will be able to ask them about your concerns and find out how satisfied they were with staff, amenities, and the care that was provided. This can give you valuable insight into the nursing home and also give you an idea of what you can expect. These references can also make you aware of the good characteristics of a facility or how problems were handled with staff. They can also tell you if they suspected nursing home abuse or if there were any reports of these types of incidents. Checking references is an easy way to reduce the chance of placing your parent in a facility that has a history of abuse.

Should I Install A Camera to Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

Installing a surveillance camera can allow you to catch abuse or neglect that may be occurring to your parent. If you decide to install a camera, you may want to make the care giver aware that you are doing so. This may be all that is needed to thwart abuse. You never want to put you loved one in harm’s way. Hiding a camera in their room without alerting staff can allow the Myrtle Beach nursing home abuse to continue. You will allow your parent to continue to be a victim just so you can have video proof. You want to prevent abuse, so your parent doesn’t have to suffer, and by providing a deterrent, it can help prevent abuse from happening.  

How Do I Check the Quality of A Nursing Home to Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

The quality of the facilities of a nursing home can give you a clue as to how your parent will be treated. If the facilities are dirty or run down, this can indicate the level of care you can expect. Look for nursing homes that offer a bright and cheery atmosphere. They should be well lit and have plenty of community areas to enjoy. If the grounds are not properly maintained, this can indicate that administrators don’t care which could translate into poor treatment for your parent. While the appearance of a nursing home doesn’t also mean that poor treatment of your parent will occur, it does show a lack of attentiveness by operators and staff, meaning they will have little regard for your parent as well.

Should I Question Staff Experience to Prevent Myrtle Beach Nursing Home Abuse?

When you are selecting a nursing care facility for your parent, you want staff that is highly trained and experienced to care for them. They should be properly training have worked with elderly patients before. Find out if they are specialized in providing care for your parent’s needs such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Care givers that have extensive experience dealing with the ailments of seniors can be good providers and help to avoid poor treatment from occurring.  

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