South Carolina Accidents Driving Drowsy And Personal Injury Laws

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A report on how drowsy driving is a growing problem was recently offered by an Arizona’s news team. Some startling data was shared from the Safety Administration of National Highway Traffic. It is shown in this data that drowsy driving causes almost 100,000 accidents every year. Each year, 71,000 injuries and 1,500 deaths result from these crashes. Drowsy driving car accidents caused over 12 billion dollars in loses.

Driving While Drowsy Is A Problem In South Carolina That’s Growing

Drivers thinking that they can still driver through sleepiness is one of the main reasons that South Carolina and other states have a problem with drowsy driving. Eliminating sleepiness while driving is not guaranteed by caffeine and energy drinks just because they give you a boost in many other ways. When drivers start to really understand how severe this is, maybe these bad injuries and accidents will happen less often.

3 Solutions To Driving Drowsy

The main solution to driving while drowsy is to always plan beforehand. Always plan out your entire trip ahead of time so you can stop to rest/eat or even stretch with ample time to still make it to your destination in the allowed time. Next, its always a good idea for two drivers to trade off. It’s always best to try to stay awake over long distances. If you ever feel drowsy, never hesitate to pull over or stop at a rest stop or side of the road to take a nap until you feel ready to keep traveling. This is especially true even on short distances. If you make these decisions you can save lives.

What You Should Do After A Drowsy Driving Car Wreck

Even though being educated about the issue will encourage drivers to be careful with sleepiness while driving, unfortunately there are no tools that can be used by police officers to detect sleepy or tired drivers. Many people in Arizona and the rest of the country will continue to be injured in drowsy driving accidents because of this.

Medical bills and car damage can be very expensive if you are injured in a car accident involving a drowsy driver. Financial issues are always a burden, so contact a personal injury lawyer from South Carolina to help so you can focus on recovering while stress free.
It is a specialty of South Carolina personal injury attorneys to get their clients fair compensation. By getting representation like this, you will at all times know that your best interest is being protected. Not only does a dedicated personal injury lawyer in South Carolina not get paid until they’ve secured fair compensation for you, but they will also work extremely hard to do so for you. Please do not hesitate to contact the David Aylor Law Offices car accident injury legal team today to set up a free review of your case. We represent car accident victims throughout Lowcountry of South Carolina, including North Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Walterboro.

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