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A car accident can change your life in an instant.

You didn’t ask to be in a car accident. Suddenly, things have changed. You have medical bills. Maybe you can’t work. You wonder who is going to care for your family.

The South Carolina car accident lawyers at David Aylor Law Offices are here to help. Getting compensated fairly after a car accident can be a difficult task. We are experienced lawyers for car accident victims, handling claims throughout South Carolina. 

If you’ve been hurt, contact us today at (843) 548-1570 for a consultation. Learn more about how we can help you get compensation for your injuries, losses and suffering.

South Carolina Auto Accident Lawyer

Just being in an auto accident is exhausting. On top of your injuries, now you have insurance claims to file. The insurance adjusters are savvy. Their goal is to make sure your case settles for as little as possible.

The South Carolina auto accident lawyers at David Aylor Law Offices are here to make sure that you get paid fairly for your claim. We know how daunting it can be to go through the claims process. 

Our lawyers are especially trained to help car accident victims navigate the claims process. Not only are we trained to maximize your compensation, but we also want the legal procedure to be as manageable and understandable as possible. Keep reading to learn more about our law firm and how we can help you, or contact us today at (843) 548-1570 to begin your case.

The Stats on South Carolina Car Accidents

Traffic accidents happen too often in South Carolina. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reports that:

  • An accident happens in South Carolina every 4.9 minutes, on average
  • Injuries occur in vehicle accidents every 17 minutes in South Carolina
  • A deadly crash happens every 10 hours on average in South Carolina
  • More than 800 fatal car crashes take place in South Carolina each year

Sadly, so many of these crashes are preventable. Thousands of injuries interrupt lives, causing millions in medical expenses and lost work productivity. In fact, the CDC estimates that car crashes in South Carolina alone result in $1 billion in economic losses each year. Most importantly, victims are no longer able to do all the things they did before. Suffering an injury can change the rest of your life.

Despite safe driving awareness campaigns, government safety planning and new vehicle technologies, car crashes continue to occur at an alarming rate. If you’re a victim, you don’t have to suffer alone. Our South Carolina car accident lawyers can help you claim the compensation that you deserve.

Do You Need the Services of a Good Auto Accident Lawyer?

A good car accident lawyer helps you answer the following questions:

  • What is my car accident claim worth?
  • Who is liable to pay? Do they have insurance that can pay?
  • How do I submit my claim? What evidence and documentation do I need?
  • How do I start a legal claim, if necessary?
  • Should I accept a settlement offer?
  • What legal issues are there that may impact my claim? How can I address them?

The David Aylor Law Offices represent clients throughout the entire claims process. The sooner you contact us, the better. We can start working on your case today.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Even a car accident at a slow speed can result in serious auto accident injuries. Common injuries that occur are:

Brain injuries

The brain is meant to live safely inside the skull. It’s not meant to withstand fast, strong force. A brain injury may be a concussion, skull fracture or puncture wound. Our lawyers can help you document the nature, severity and duration of a brain injury to ensure that it is properly included as part of a claim for compensation.

Neck and back injuries

Neck and back injuries can cause mobility problems and paralysis. Treatment is often limited, and healing is slow. Serious neck and back injuries may not show symptoms immediately after an accident.

Facial injuries

Facial trauma can result in scars and disfigurement. Debris, broken glass, steering wheel impact and airbag force are just a few of the traumas and dangers that can result in facial injuries after an accident. The victim may suffer dental issues and jaw problems. Dental treatment may be included as part of a claim for compensation.

Chest injuries

Chest injuries may cause serious and life-threatening internal organ damage. Any potential damage to major bodily systems needs immediate, emergency care.

Compensation for your car accident injuries

All these types of injuries may be accounted for and included in a car accident claim. You may also claim for pain and suffering and other intangible losses. 

The compensation that you receive is unique to your case and your losses. If your injuries are serious, you deserve serious compensation. Every car accident victim has a right to claim fair compensation for the full extent of their losses.

Auto Accident Lawyer – The Claims Process:

Understanding the car accident claims process can be empowering. When you know what to expect, you can work through the steps more quickly and confidently. As soon as you involve our car accident claims lawyers, we represent you until you have justice.

File a report

You must call the police when you’re in a car accident in South Carolina. Not only does the law require it, but it is an important first step in documenting what happened. You’re inviting a neutral third party to observe the scene and gather evidence. The police can investigate the cause of the crash, gather contact information and begin to piece together what occurred. You should get some information and evidence yourself, too.

Don’t apologize. Always minimize your conversation with the other driver. You don’t want them taking something out of context to use it against you later. Just get the other driver’s license number, name, address, vehicle information and insurance policy. Take photographs of the scene, the vehicles and your injuries. Get names and contact information for any other witnesses. 

Contact our lawyers as soon as you can. We will follow up on this information to do an investigation in greater detail.

Go see a doctor

Another key person in terms of documenting your injuries is your doctor. Go to the emergency room or another doctor right away. Remember many injuries don’t show right away. You need to know what exactly your injuries are and show that they are the result of the accident. In addition, the treatment you get can help you prevent further damage and begin the healing process as efficiently as possible.

Medical records are a critical part of every car accident claim. Our lawyers ensure that you have the documentation you need as well as the necessary witnesses to put your medical records into evidence.

Determining fault

In South Carolina, the party who causes an accident pays for it. That doesn’t mean they caused the accident on purpose – a traffic law violation can be enough to be at fault for an accident. Our lawyers know how to investigate and prove legal fault for a car accident.

Gather evidence

The insurance company doesn’t want to pay your car accident claim. How do you get them to? The answer is simple – with evidence. You need evidence of legal fault, your injuries and your damages. You must respond effectively to any issues that they raise. The evidence-gathering process should begin as soon as possible.

File a demand letter

The demand letter tells the insurance company, in detail, exactly what compensation you deserve and why. It should be written once you have determined the amount of compensation you deserve, the basis for legal fault and what insurance policy applies. Our lawyers know how to draft these letters, and what investigation needs to be done before we even begin to draft it.

The Settlement Process – Hire a Good Auto Accident Lawyer

A good settlement offer for a car accident doesn’t happen by chance. The best South Carolina car accident lawyers know that a good settlement offer takes time and the right approach. 

Too many times, people assume that the first offer they receive is the only one they’re going to get. They don’t know how to tell if it’s a good offer, or they just assume that the insurance company is going to be fair.

When you work with David Aylor Law Offices, we negotiate your settlement. We also give you counsel, privately and confidentially, so that you can know whether an offer is fair. We’ll give you honest advice about when it’s time to accept an offer, and when you should keep pursuing the legal claim.

Lawyers in South Carolina for Car Accident Victims

David Aylor and his team at the David Aylor Law Offices represent car accident victims throughout South Carolina.

We know how auto accidents lead to financial losses, confusion and stress. We’re here to work for a fair result for your case and take the burden off your shoulders of managing your claim.

When you need a car accident lawyer, work with the law firm that has established an experienced and dynamic presence in South Carolina accident law since 2007.

If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, contact us for a free consultation at (843) 548-1570.

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