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Facing a criminal defense charge can create fear and uncertainty. You may worry about what is to come and how it may impact your family. Don’t face this situation alone. The David Aylor Law Offices are South Carolina criminal defense lawyers. We can represent you starting today.

When you work with our experienced criminal defense lawyers, you have a team to aggressively fight the charges against you. Let us pursue all the ways to defend your case and help you respond to this situation in the best way possible.

Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Selecting a criminal defense lawyer to assist you is a critical decision. David Aylor has extensive experience representing people just like you. He has also been a prosecutor. This experience gives him the insight to know what things to look for in building your defenses and fighting against the charges.

Defending against criminal charges requires knowing the elements of a charge. The state must prove each element of the charges against you. Any missing piece in their evidence may result in a finding of not guilty or dismissal. Also, you must thoroughly understand criminal procedure and how the case will be handled in the court system. Our South Carolina criminal defense lawyers know what it takes to investigate and present a strong defense.

Misdemeanor and Felony Representation in South Carolina

Our lawyers represent individuals facing both misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • DUI, drunk driving
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault and battery
  • Murder, manslaughter, homicide
  • Drug possession and distribution
  • Theft, larceny, robbery, retail fraud, burglary
  • Embezzlement, white collar crime
  • Weapons charges
  • Sexual offenses
  • Stolen vehicles

SC Criminal Defense Lawyer – The Process

There are many steps to a criminal charge. You can expect to have multiple court dates before your trial date. Being empowered when you face a criminal charge begins with understanding what’s to come.

Pre-arrest investigation

The police usually prepare a police report and submit it to the prosecutor to determine charges. They create their report following their investigation. If the police ask to talk to you, or if you find out another way that you are the subject of a criminal investigation, contact our defense lawyers right away to assist you. Defending against criminal charges can begin even before charges have been filed.


The police may arrest someone that is charged with a crime. They may also arrest someone that they suspect of a crime. An arrest means being taken to a police station for what’s called booking. You may have fingerprints and a photograph taken. You may be lodged in a jail until you have a bond hearing.

Bond hearing

A first court appearance reviews the charges against you and sets bond. You should learn what you’re being charged with. The court should set an amount and conditions of bond. Your criminal defense lawyer can appear with you at this proceeding. In fact, you have a right to have your lawyer present. Please contact us right away, because our appearance at this hearing can make a difference.

How does bond work?

Bond is an amount of money that you post to be released from jail while your charges are pending. The court may also impose conditions of bond for you to comply with. Both things are within the discretion of the court. We can help you work towards favorable bond conditions.

Preliminary hearing

Don’t overlook your preliminary hearing. It’s your opportunity to have discovery in your case and see how the prosecution presents the evidence. It’s also your first chance to contest the charges in an adversarial setting. Hire us quickly – you have only 10 days from your bond hearing to request a preliminary hearing.

Plea negotiations

One way that you may choose to resolve the charges against you is through a plea bargain. It’s between the prosecution and defense to agree on a plea offer. Our lawyers can evaluate what plea offer to ask for and what information to present to the prosecutor to convince them to offer a favorable plea. We are skilled negotiators. We know how to approach plea negotiations to help you achieve a positive result. We also provide experienced counsel so that you know whether to accept an offer.


You have the right to a trial. Successfully presenting your case at trial begins long before your trial date. You must anticipate what the prosecution is going to present. Our lawyers make sure that you counter their evidence, contest it, and present your own evidence effectively. When we represent you, we handle the entire trial including jury selection, opening and closing statements, presenting evidence and more. We understand the procedural rules and how to present a compelling case. When the trial ends, the case goes to the jury to decide. We are experienced trial lawyers, skilled in conducting trials on behalf of individuals in criminal defense.


If you accept a plea, or if your case goes to trial and results in a conviction, there is a sentencing hearing. Although it might seem like a formality, the sentencing hearing is critical. It’s your opportunity to ask the court for a favorable sentence. Our lawyers are with you, and we prepare in advance. The things we do are calculated to help you achieve a favorable outcome.


Even following a trial, you have rights. If the court made errors or the trials was unfair, you can ask for the conviction to be thrown out. Appeals follow a certain process, and you must present the appeal in the right way. Our lawyers know how to evaluate various avenues for appeal and present your case.

Miranda Rights

The police must respect your rights. They may not stop your vehicle or detain you without legal grounds. One important right that you have is called your Miranda rights.

Your Miranda rights inform you about your right to remain silent. Plus, you have the right to contact a criminal defense lawyer. It’s always best to assert your right to a lawyer as soon as possible. The police cannot continue to interrogate you until you have consulted with your counsel.

If the police may have violated your Miranda rights, it doesn’t automatically make your case go away. We can help you file the appropriate legal motions to challenge law enforcement actions and enforce your rights.

Misdemeanors vs. Felonies in South Carolina

All criminal charges are serious. They are categorized as misdemeanors or felonies based on the potential penalties. Jail time is only one possible penalty of a criminal charge. You also face fines, probation, substance abuse evaluation and mental health treatment, driver’s license sanctions and more. Our lawyers represent individuals facing misdemeanor or felony charges in South Carolina.

Contact David Aylor – Criminal Defense Lawyer in South Carolina

Whatever charges you’re facing, you need to fight them quickly, directly and completely. David Aylor Law Offices is here to represent you throughout the process. Contact our South Carolina criminal defense lawyers today at (843) 548-1573.

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