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Dog bites injure thousands of people each year. The injuries can be serious. Dog bites can cause nerve injury and interfere with the use of hands, arms and legs. Injuries may cause scars and disfigurement. There may be a risk of infection and secondary complications.

The damage can be mental, too. You may have anxiety and a feeling of loss because of the injuries that you suffer. The harm can be far-reaching and impact your life in many ways.

At David Aylor Law Offices, we represent individuals who are injured by dog bites. We are experienced South Carolina dog bite lawyers and South Carolina personal injury lawyers. We can help you bring a claim to receive financial compensation for the losses that you suffer because of a dog bite. Contact us at (843) 548-1573 to talk about your dog bite claim and begin your case.

Dog Bite Lawsuits for Compensation

South Carolina law allows a person to claim compensation when they are the victim of a dog bite, when the dog is owned by another person. The victim must have been in a public place or lawfully in a private place. Provocation of an attack is a defense to a dog bite claim.

The dog owner is the party responsible for the actions of their dog. However, many claims are settled through property insurance policies. Even if the responsible party is a friend or relative, an insurance policy may pay the claim.

Damages that you can ask for may include injury expenses, costs, pain and suffering and long-term damages. The victim must take the step of starting a claim. There is a time deadline that applies to bringing a case.

What to Tell Kids About Dog Safety

Dog safety is important for everyone. Even though not all bites can be prevented, there are things that you can do to minimize the chances that you are a victim. Here are some important things you can tell kids about dog safety:

  • Even if a dog looks friendly, don’t approach a dog you don’t know. You don’t know their history or even how they are feeling that day.
  • If a new dog approaches you, stay still. Remain calm.
  • Don’t do anything that would make the dog nervous or defensive. Don’t run away – the dog may chase you. Don’t yell at the dog either. That may make the dog nervous and wonder what’s going on, putting it on edge.
  • If you own a dog, make sure you send it to obedience training. Teach basic commands as soon as you can.
  • Take good medical care of your dog. It needs to be physically and mentally healthy. Dental health should be a part of their overall care plan, too.
  • Don’t let your dog wander alone. Always keep your dog on a leash in public and when they’re not within a fenced area at home.
  • Feed your dog a healthy diet at regular intervals.
  • Don’t stare down a dog. Don’t stare into their eyes.
  • If you notice strange behavior from your dog, address it. If you’re a child, let an adult know. Tell someone if you see a dog doing something that seems nervous or mean.
  • When a dog is sleeping or eating, let it be. Also, don’t bother a mother dog while she is nursing.
  • Dogs don’t like to be surprised. Be sure that a dog can see you before you try to pet it.
  • Be kind to your dog. Friendly hugs and pets are okay. Don’t hit or pull your dog.
  • If it’s not your dog, ask permission before petting the dog.

Many dog accident victims are children. If a child is injured by a dog bite, they may claim compensation. Our South Carolina dog bite lawyers can represent your child and family in a claim.

How to Avoid Bites when Bringing a New Pet into the Home

One time when you are at risk for a dog bite is when you welcome a new pet into your home. There are things that you can do to ease the transition and help your pet be comfortable in their new surroundings.

Here are some things to do to avoid bites when bringing a new pet into your home:

  • Talk to your veterinarian. Tell them about your family and ask what breed of dog would be ideal. Don’t choose an aggressive breed, especially if there are children in the home.
  • Monitor your children as well as your new pet in the days and weeks after you welcome the new pet. Signs of nervousness or changes in behavior can be a warning sign that something may be wrong.
  • Spend time with a dog that you are thinking about buying or adopting. Be sure that you always supervise babies and small children with a pet.
  • If there are already pets in the home, provide safe spaces for each animal. Gates can provide distance when pets need a break.
  • Teach your pet to be calm. Reward them with a treat when they display calm behavior.
  • Explore training and obedience school when it is appropriate. A dog trainer can teach you management techniques and things to look out for.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

South Carolina Dog Bite Lawsuits

Many people are hesitant to bring a dog bite claim. They just want to get their life back to normal as soon as possible. If you’re a victim, you may worry that your case will end up in a big trial in a courtroom.

Most cases result in a settlement. Our lawyers work on your behalf. Our goal is to be efficient. We can help you reach the appropriate result. A lawsuit is the process for you to receive compensation for your losses as well as recognition of the suffering you have had because of the dog bite.

South Carolina Lawyers for Dog Bites Accepting New Cases

When you’re injured by a dog bite, you have the right to claim monetary compensation. However, having the legal right alone doesn’t put a check in your hands. You must bring a claim for financial compensation. It can be hard to know how to go about it – there are many steps to filing the claim and you must prove your right to compensation.

Our dog bite lawyers in South Carolina offer full-service representation to help victims claim fair compensation. The David Aylor Law Offices are experienced injury lawyers handling claims impacting individuals. We personalize your representation to your needs.

We are currently accepting cases throughout South Carolina. Don’t suffer after a dog bite without claiming the monetary payment you deserve. Talk to our lawyers about what your case may be worth and what is involved in bringing a case.

We can start working for you immediately. Call us at (843) 548-1573.

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