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The David Aylor Law Firm is home to a team of skilled and experienced premises liability lawyers. We have handled a variety of cases. If you have been injured because of a dangerous condition on property, our South Carolina premises liability lawyers can help you review your entitlement to compensation.

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Premises Liability Lawyer in South Carolina

Someone who owns or controls property has a big responsibility – they must take reasonable steps for the safety of those who enter onto the property. They must keep their property in good condition, so they don’t cause unnecessary harm to others. Sadly, many accidents would have been preventable if a dangerous condition didn’t exist on someone’s property.

South Carolina allows victims to hold property owners accountable. There are rules for whether the owner is legally responsible for harm caused by the condition of their property. If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, our South Carolina premises liability lawyers are here to help you receive the compensation that you are due under the law.

How Does Premises Liability Work?

Premises liability cases work in South Carolina by looking at who owns the property as well as the status of the victim when they are on the property. The person who owns, leases or is otherwise in control of the property is responsible for its upkeep.

The exact standard that the property owner must maintain for your benefit depends on why you were there. A person who is invited on the property as a customer has more protection than someone who trespasses on the same property. In addition, there are special protections when a property owner has something that children might find especially attractive.

  • Licensee: A licensee has the consent of the owner to enter the property. However, they’re not customers, and they’re not there to do any benefit or favor for the property owner, other than maybe socially. The property owner must warn a licensee if there are dangers that are not obvious. There is no obligation to make the property safer.
  • Invitee: Businesses who welcome you to their property to go shopping or do other business are giving you invitee status. They have a high degree of responsibility or the safety of invitees. Your presence on the property must be because of the business purpose to have invitee status.
  • Trespasser: Trespassers have the least amount of protection under South Carolina law. The property owner may not willfully inflict an injury. However, there is little other duty to a trespasser.
  • Children: If a property owner has something attractive to children on their property, they must take extra care to ensure that children are protected from the danger. Examples are swimming pools, swing sets, used appliances and open pits. Property owners must take protections to make sure that children are protected because they lack the instincts to recognize and protect themselves from danger.

When you contact our South Carolina premises liability lawyers, we’ll learn everything we can about your case. We’ll talk about what your status was at the time of the accident and how we can build the evidence to prove your case.

Is South Carolina’s Premises Liability Law Complex?

Premises liability law is complex. The defense isn’t going to voluntarily admit that they did anything wrong. You must prove they were responsible for the property, they failed to meet the legal standard and that you got hurt because of their actions. Even a case that seems straight forward may have questions or legal issues that are important to address.

You need experienced premises liability lawyers fighting for you. That’s what we do at David Aylor Law Offices. We know how to begin the case and pursue it. We also know how to anticipate what the defense might say and respond to it. Any premises liability claim is complex, but we are here to ensure that your claim is complete, working for the compensation you truly deserve because of your injuries.

Defenses to Premise Liability Cases

Some defenses that may be used in a premises liability claim are:

  • The victim not staying away from an obvious hazard
  • Improper footwear or other protective equipment
  • Horseplay, not following rules
  • The victim was a trespasser and there was no duty to prevent the dangerous condition
  • Going where customers or invitees are not allowed
  • Defendant is not the party in control of the property who was responsible for the danger
  • The victim had a pre-existing condition, and the defendant did not cause the injury
  • A third-party did something that couldn’t have been anticipated

Let our lawyers identify what defenses may arise in your case. We can help you address any issues so that you get justice.

Typical Types of Premises Liability Cases

There are several typical types of premises liability cases:

  • Slip and fall accidents – A variety of hazards can create slip and fall accidents including spills of water and transient substances on the floor. In addition, product displays and items left in walkways can also produce falls.
  • Poor security – Harm can occur because of poor security. Accidental jostling may occur, but crime may also increase when there is inadequate security on property.
  • Escalator and elevator accidents – Escalators and elevators can be dangerous. Poor maintenance, overcrowding and inadequate instructions for safe use can all be causes of accidents.
  • Swimming pools – Swimming pools can be slippery. Diving boards and slides can create additional risk.
  • Obstructed walkways – When a walkway has uneven surfaces or poor hand railings, a victim may fall as a result.
  • Poor lighting – Poor lighting can make it difficult for a victim to avoid a hazard.

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