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When the sudden death of a loved one changes your family in an instant, the South Carolina wrongful death lawyers at David Aylor Law Offices can help. The compensation you receive can’t bring your loved one back. However, taking legal action can honor your loved one, ease household financial worries and hold others accountable for what happened. Our lawyers for wrongful death in South Carolina can represent you through all the steps involved in bringing your case.

Wrongful Death Lawyer in South Carolina

David Aylor is a South Carolina wrongful death lawyer with years of experience helping families when the worst has happened. If you lose a loved one because of the actions of another person, you could be entitled to receive compensation. The compensation you receive represents a lot of different losses – both financially and emotionally. It’s important to have experienced legal counsel to guide you through the process.

The David Aylor Law Offices is an experienced law firm that represents families in wrongful death claims. We know that losing a loved one is devastating. We’re here to handle the legal process for you with professional and aggressive representation. Contact us today at (843) 548-1570 for a free consultation about your situation.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in South Carolina?

Wrongful death claims are a lot like other personal injury claims, but they aren’t the same. The victim can’t represent themselves. Instead, family members must bring the claim. Certain family members qualify under South Carolina law to receive compensation through a wrongful death claim.

The executor of the estate formally files the claim. If the victim doesn’t have a will naming an executor, the court can appoint one. Children, spouses and parents can receive compensation through the claim.

What Compensation Can You Seek in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Losing a loved one suddenly impacts you in a lot of ways. If the circumstances qualify as a wrongful death, South Carolina law allows you many different grounds to claim compensation. The payment you receive can represent losses that are physical and emotional.

A skilled South Carolina wrongful death lawyer makes sure that all these types of losses are represented.

Some types of damages you can claim include:

  • Last medical expenses for your loved one
  • Costs for a funeral and burial
  • Lost wages that your loved one would have contributed to the household
  • Companionship, loss of association and comfort
  • Mental anguish and suffering

Punitive damages may also be available if the party responsible acted maliciously. Punitive damages punish the offender for extremely poor conduct and attempt to discourage others from similar behavior.

Is there a time limit for bringing a wrongful death claim in South Carolina?

Don’t wait to contact our wrongful death lawyers in South Carolina. There is a three-year time limit to filing a wrongful death claim. It can be overwhelming to begin a claim when you are dealing with grief. Our lawyers can take the necessary steps on your behalf to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Building your case takes time, and we want to start you on the path to justice as soon as possible.

Should I File a Wrongful Death Claim?

If you have lost a loved one because of the wrongful actions of another party, you have a legal right to compensation. Filing a wrongful death claim can achieve many objectives, including:

  • Honoring your loved one
  • Claiming compensation for surviving family members
  • Getting answers and information about what happened
  • Holding others accountable for their actions
  • Deterring others from similar conduct that can cause harm
  • Raising community awareness for the dangers and harms that caused harm to your loved one

You deserve answers and fair compensation for what happened. A wrongful death claim is the legal avenue to receive justice for what happened and justice for your loved one.

What Are Types of Wrongful Death Cases?

Wrongful death claims take many forms. Here are some types of cases that may be wrongful death claims:

  • Car accidents: There are many ways that a car accident can be the result of negligence or reckless behavior including speeding, improper lane changes and ignoring traffic signals.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcyclists have a right to be on the roads just like everyone else. Other drivers must leave sufficient following distance. They may not do anything to harass or discourage motorcyclists from using the roads.
  • Truck accidents: Trucks are heavy vehicles, and any accident involving a truck may have devastating consequences.
  • Medical malpractice: Medical malpractice can be fatal. There are many ways that medical malpractice can occur including failing to recognize symptoms, surgical and prescription errors and failing to obtain informed consent.
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect: If you have lost a loved one in a nursing home, it’s important to evaluate the circumstances. A lack of attention and care may be the underlying cause. Abuse can also result in wrongful death. Our lawyers can help you investigate and determine the cause of the death.
  • Intentional actions: Assault and battery may be the basis for a wrongful death claim.
  • Defective/Malfunctioning products: Manufacturers have a legal obligation to make their products safe. The claim may be based on the way a product is designed or a mistake that makes the product malfunction. Medical devices that are defective can cause devastating consequences.
  • Animal attacks: An animal attack can cause serious harm, including wrongful death. An animal attack can be the basis for wrongful death.

There are a lot of ways that wrongful death can occur. Let our wrongful death lawyers evaluate your situation to determine if the circumstances meet the standard. We are experienced and aggressive lawyers, and we can evaluate your case for all avenues to bring a claim.

How should I pick a wrongful death attorney?

A wrongful death attorney should specialize in wrongful death claims. They must be experienced to handle the unique issues that are critical to reaching a good result in the case. Our lawyers go further to learn the facts and identify what we need to do to make your case a success.

Contact the David Aylor Law Offices for a confidential and free consultation with our understanding professionals. There’s no obligation. Get to know us and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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