Texting While Driving Is Not the Only Problem: Surfing While Driving Also a Big Issue

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Surfing the Internet, that is. Unfortunately, the rate of people who admit to surfing the internet while driving is rising, not falling, as time goes by. David Aylor sees firsthand the horrible effects injuries from a car accident can have on families, and we are as distracted as ever behind the wheel these days. Our office sincerely wishes that all drivers would refrain from texting and surfing the internet while driving, as well as from other dangerous and distracting activities.

Surfing While Driving is On the Rise

Distracted driving is a relatively common issue, talked about frequently not only on legal blogs, but on the morning shows and news hours throughout the nation. The main culprit for distracted driving accidents continues to be texting, and in 2013, 3,154 people died in accidents involving a distracted driver. Surfing the internet on a smartphone, however, is the trend that is beginning to emerge as a major cause of distracted driving. According to a State Farm Insurance survey reported on by CNBC with 1,000 participants, 88 percent of them owned a smartphone, and 29 percent of them admitted to surfing the internet on their smartphone while they were driving, and 21 percent admitted to reading social media while driving.

What Does this Mean?

From an injury point of view, this is a pretty distressing statistic, especially given that there are already thousands of deaths per year as a result of distracted driving. Although there are laws aimed at reducing distracted driving, they are very difficult to enforce. In South Carolina, it is illegal to text and drive, and the police are authorized to pull drivers over solely for that reason. First offenses are subject to a $25 ticket, and subsequent offenses a $50 ticket, but with such low amounts at stake and with no license points and therefore increased insurance rates hanging as a potential penalty, this law does not act as a very powerful deterrent.

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We sincerely hope that everyone driving on South Carolina roads would take heed and put the phone down while driving. No texting, no web-surfing, no Facebook. Even if you refrain from all of these activities, however, you cannot guarantee everyone else will, and many people will unfortunately continue to behave this way until the penalties are more severe. If you were injured or you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of a distracted driver, the team at David Aylor Law Offices is standing by waiting to help you recover the damages you are entitled to. You need an experienced car accident attorney by your side in this situation, who will seek recovery from every possible resource on your behalf.  Please contact David Aylor Law Offices today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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