What to Do in an Auto Accident

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While nobody expects to get into an automobile accident when they step out of their home, the truth is that anyone that travels on the road is at risk of getting into an accident. Regardless of how safe you might drive, there is always the risk that a negligent or reckless driver can cause an accident that damages your property and injures you. Below are several things you can do if you are involved in an auto accident.  However, the most important factor is to first seek medical attention if injured during the accident.

Stay at the Scene

While an automobile accident can be a jarring and frightening incident, it is important that you remain at the scene of the accident until it is appropriate to leave. This is because leaving the scene of the accident prematurely, especially if there are injured persons, can open you up to liability for criminal penalties as a hit and run driver.

Ensure Safety

Before anything else, make sure that all drivers and passengers involved are okay. Seek medical attention for anyone who needs it. In addition, if a person is suffering from neck or back pain, or is unconscious, refrain from moving them unless there is a hazard or other type of harm that necessitates moving the person.

Call the Police

Even though you might not want to involve the police, there are several situations where police can be very helpful, especially when a police report has been filed. While a police report is not substantive proof of fault in court, it tends to act as a reliable form of evidence for insurance agents, since most reports are taken shortly after the accident has occurred.

Gather Evidence

While you might think that gathering evidence is an attorney’s job, it is unlikely that your attorney will be with you as soon as the accident happens. It’s important to gather the various types of evidence present at the scene in order to help establish who was at fault, as well as what damages were caused by the accident. One of the first things you should do when gathering evidence, however, is to exchange information with the other driver. In addition to the other driver, do your best to obtain contact information from any witnesses that may have seen the accident occur. Finally, take as much photographic evidence as you can. Make sure to photograph not only damage to your car, but also damage to the other person’s vehicle as well. If at all possible, try to photograph the scene of the accident before any vehicles have been moved. In addition to property damage, make sure to take photographs of any injuries sustained in the accident.

Call an Attorney

As with all matters, a little preparedness can go a long way should you become involved in an automobile accident. While doing all of these things can help you after an auto accident, getting the assistance of an experienced attorney can help you protect your rights in court. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, and are looking for a dedicated, experienced attorney, then contact the David Aylor Law Offices for a free case evaluation.

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