Your Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Friend

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One of the busiest spots in South Carolina is Myrtle Beach, and if you’ve been there you know why. It’s beautiful and a fun place to visit. Every year millions of people swarm the coastal area filling the highways with cars and the water with recreational vehicles. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of people in one area creates the perfect environment for accidents, whether you are a visitor or a resident.

After an accident occurs, the question then becomes who is responsible for the damages caused by the accident. The answer is almost always an insurance company, especially in the case of car accidents, because insurance is mandatory.

Making Money in Insurance

Unfortunately, even if it is your insurance that is responsible for your damages, your insurance agent is not your friend. Instead, it is the job of an insurance adjuster to save as much money as they can for the company they work for. Insurance companies make money in two ways:

  • Collecting Premiums – This is the monthly fee that customers pay to the company in exchange for coverage. The contract you have with them in exchange for payment says they will pay on claims, but they will use every trick possible to keep from paying these claims.
  • Investments – When the insurance company collects money from you, they often invest that money in the market including bonds, market funds, and real estate. This source of revenue often outweighs what they make on your premiums.

Did you notice that paying out claims to their customers is not on the list of ways they make money? Remember that when your insurance company comes to offer you a settlement after your car accident.

Ways Insurance Companies Keep from Paying Claims

Claim adjusters are the people that will approach you after you make a claim with your insurance. They will investigate your claim, determine what it is worth, and offer you a settlement. These adjusters are often highly trained in negotiating and although they may seem very nice, they are not your friend. They have one thing in mind – saving money for the company. To do this, they will often use the following tactics:

  • Stonewalling – They will try to draw out the claim process as long as is legally possible in hopes that you will either give up your claim or settle for a low payment.
  • Use Your Words Against You – They may ask you questions that seem innocent and then quickly turn those words against you. Anything you say may be used to reduce or dismiss your claim. Never speak to an adjuster before discussing your claim with an attorney.
  • Surveillance – Yes, you read that right. Your insurance adjuster may spy on you. They may make a surprise visit or covertly follow you on social media to see if your activities prove you aren’t as injured as you claim to be.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Today

Another tactic that insurance adjusters use is to suggest that you don’t need a Charleston car accident attorney. That is definitely not true. Adjusters know that you are less likely to accept a low settlement offer if you are consulting with an attorney. That’s why you need to seek legal counsel as quickly as possible after your accident. The attorneys at the David Aylor Law Offices will ensure your rights are protected and you get the settlement that you are entitled to. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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