Your Legal Rights After A Dog Bite

January 16, 2021

4.5 million people suffer dog bites every year, which accounts for over 300,000 emergency room visits according to the Agency for Health Research and Quality. The state of South Carolina has specific statutes and doctrines that allow victims to receive compensation for any injuries suffered from a dog bite. 


South Carolina Dog Bite Statute


The law in South Carolina states that a dog owner is strictly liable for any injuries or damages suffered by a victim who is attacked or bitten. Strict liability means there is no legal requirement that the dog owner had knowledge that his/her dog was vicious in any way, or that the dog ever attacked anyone else. South Carolina is unlike other states which indicate that a dog must have previously bitten someone in order for the owner to be liable (“one bite rule.”)


In order to develop a strong dog bite case in the state of South Carolina, you must be able to prove the following two items: 


  1. The victim was bitten or attacked by a dog either in a public location, or lawfully in a private location, and
  2. The dog was not provoked in any way by the victim. 

Exceptions to Liability 

If the victim provoked the dog in any way prior to the dog bite or attack, the dog owner may not be liable or responsible for any damages. Additionally, if the victim was illegally trespassing on the dog owner’s private property and a dog bit or attacked him/her, the dog owner would not have any responsibility or liability with regard to the injuries suffered by the victim. Other exceptions include if the dog is “on duty” and working as part of a law enforcement team and the attack was ordered by a police officer. 


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Dog attacks and bites can be serious or even life-threatening. The state of South Carolina requires that you file a claim for any compensation regarding your dog bite within three years of the date of injury. If you or a loved one were injured by a dog bite in the state of South Carolina, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at the David Aylor Law Offices. We can help you understand your legal rights, and help you with your next steps. Contact us at (843) 212-2684 or online today.

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