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Truck accidents account for five thousand deaths and over a hundred thousand injuries annually in the U.S. That’s a death or injury once every sixteen minutes in accidents involving large trucks, semis, and big-haul trailers.

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Truck accidents account for five thousand deaths and over a hundred thousand injuries annually in the U.S. That’s a death or injury once every sixteen minutes in accidents involving large trucks, semis, and big-haul trailers.

In South Carolina, ninety-five percent of those fatalities and injuries happen to the innocent occupants of nearby cars, not occupants of the trucks. The power and weight of these big rigs make them dangerous. The also carry flammables, toxins, and freight that adds even more danger and weight.

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Truck Driver Negligence and Fraud Leads to Collisions

With over fifteen and a half million trucks operating in the U.S., accidents are bound to happen. Most drivers are conscientious professionals, but many trucks are being piloted by drivers without appropriate licenses and training. The government has identified fraud involving licenses in 24 states, and is continuing to investigate thirteen more. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that unlicensed and untrained drivers are part of more than half a million accidents annually.

Additional Truck Accident Information:

  • Due to the huge difference in size, large trucks are about two-times more likely get into a fatal accident as a car.
  • According to transportation authorities, as many as thirty percent of large trucks on the road are over their legal weight requirements.
  • Fifteen percent of accidents resulting in death are dues to overloaded tractor trailers.
  • Seventy-three percent of fatal truck wrecks are caused by tractor-trailers.
  • Eighty-five percent of deaths are not occupants of the trucks involved.
  • 40% of South Carolina trucking accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep or drifting off. 1 in 5 admitted falling asleep at the wheel once or more times a month.
  • In addition to sleep deprivation, accidents happen due to poor driving habits like speeding, tailgating, making unsafe lane changes, poor maintenance, driver intoxication, or shifting and unsteady freight.

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