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Auto Accident – Jennifer

Jennifer was rear-ended at a red light, causing massive amounts of damage to the ligaments in her ankle. After initially trying to handle the case herself, she came to the David Aylor Law Offices asking for help after her insurance company denied her claim on the grounds the injury ‘wasn’t related to the accident’. After an initial offer of $3,400, our team secured a letter from Jennifer’s surgeon saying the injury was accident-related and rose her settlement claim to $50,000.

Auto Accident – Jamie

Jamie was driving down I-26 when the driver in front of her slammed on the brakes in a fit of highway road rage. This action caused Jamie to slam into the back of the road rager’s car, and to make matters worse the rager drove off — leaving an injured Jamie and her passenger by themselves on the highway. While the driver was charged with a hit-and-run, Jamie was not satisfied with her initial attorney’s settlement offer. David Aylor Law Offices took over and won her $36,953 for her medical bills and property damage.

Auto Accident – Jerrell

Jerrell and his three friends were sitting quietly in their car before they were struck by a man driving his employer’s truck. Jerrell needed to be treated for two and a half years for the injuries he sustained in the accident, so our lawyers won him $100,000 to help with that burden. Our firm also won each passenger $12,500 who was in the car with Jerrell.

Auto Accident – Cameron

Cameron was hit head-on by an uninsured motorist and luckily had uninsured motorist coverage on his policy. After negotiating through Cameron’s uninsured motorist policy, we were able to win Cameron $50,000 for his facial fracture and multiple contusions suffered in the accident.

Auto Accident – Sophia

Sophia was driving down the Ravenel Bridge one night when a drunk driver came careening down her side of the bridge driving the wrong way. Sophia won her $100,000 claim on the grounds of the Tyger River Doctrine, which states an insurer owes the insured a settlement covered by the policy under “reasonable circumstances”.

Motorcycle Accident – Chris

Chris was hit on his bike by a negligent driver after the driver failed to yield the right of way at an intersection. Chris tragically lost his foot as a result of the accident and was only covered for up to $50,000 in liability coverage. Even with no initial offers and tendered limits on all his policies, Chris received $325,000 in compensation after our attorneys negotiated a price with his insurance company.

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