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The David Aylor Law Offices are aggressive South Carolina DUI lawyers. We have the experience with the justice system. We’re ready to help you fight your DUI charges. A drunk driving charge is intimidating and complex. It can impact you now and in the future.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to fight back. Our lawyers handle cases throughout South Carolina, helping people defend against their charges. We take your case seriously.

DUI Lawyer in South Carolina Who Will Fight for Your Rights

Getting a good result when you’re fighting DUI charges doesn’t happen by accident. David Aylor Law Offices explains your rights and fights for the best possible outcome. A DUI charge is never hopeless. The investigation is complex – if law enforcement made technical errors, violated your rights or failed to correctly gather evidence, you can point out these failings. They must prove the charges against you.

If you have been charged with:

  • DUI/Drunk Driving
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Driving with an Unlawful Alcohol Content (DUAC)
  • Impaired driving
  • Drugged driving

Contact our lawyers at (843) 548-1577 for a confidential consultation about your case.

What To Do After A DUI Charge

When you get a DUI charge, don’t admit fault. If you’re arraigned before you have a chance to contact us, plead not guilty and tell them that you will hire a lawyer. The judge may set conditions of bond. Be sure that you understand and comply with these conditions. If you have questions, ask us. If you need conditions to be changed, ask us about it when you talk to us.

When you hire us, our lawyers get to work, making discovery demands and conducting our own investigation. The process for the police to conduct a chemical test (breath test) is highly regulated. The testing machines must be calibrated. Procedures must be followed to determine the accuracy of the test. There are even standards for conducting field sobriety tests. Witnesses must be questioned, and their statements investigated and verified. The facts must be examined to see if the police violated your constitutional rights. Our lawyers get to work quickly on all these tasks.

It’s important to be aware of your upcoming court dates. Our lawyers will begin an investigation and examine legal and factual issues. Together, we prepare your defense and the best legal strategy for your case. Then, we aggressively work for your best interests and justice.

Advice From A DUI Attorney

Each DUI case needs a personalized defense. Each situation is different, and you should not base your strategy on what others have done. Our South Carolina DUI lawyers look at the entire circumstances to determine how to best approach your defense.

The best course of action depends on several factors – how strong is the evidence against you? Are there constitutional issues? Technical problems with chemical testing? Are witnesses reliable? Are witnesses biased? Does the driver have a commercial license that should be considered? Do you have a criminal history that may impact the potential penalties?

Our goal is to aggressively build the evidence in your favor and the defenses that are appropriate. Then, we explain your rights and your options. Together, we determine the best approach for the case.

Maybe you should take your case to trial. We’re aggressive DUI defense lawyers, and we’ll fight for you at trial – from choosing the jury through closing statements. Maybe it’s best to accept a plea deal. If that’s the case, we’ll carefully look at the terms of the plea, the implications and the pros and cons. Know that we will aggressively work for your rights and personalize the best defense for you.

Getting Your Charges Reduced Using a South Carolina DUI Lawyer

Even if you decide not to go to trial in your DUI case, there are ways that you can lessen the consequences against you. The prosecutor doesn’t have time to conduct trials for every charge that they file. Most cases resolve by a plea agreement.

The prosecutor decides whether to extend a plea offer after charges are filed. A first conviction may result in jail time ranging from 48 hours or public service up to 30 days jail. Second and subsequent offenses carry much greater potential penalties.

In terms of plea bargains, our lawyers may ask for reckless driving, or we may ask for a plea to a DUI charge that is less severe than the one you are charged with. Getting a good plea bargain is not automatic. Part of our representation is negotiating a favorable plea for you. We work to show the prosecutor that there are mitigating circumstances and you deserve leniency. We may also strategically point out flaws in the prosecutor’s case. The result may be a favorable plea offer that lessens the potential consequences.

In addition to the criminal charges, you may be facing an allegation that you refused to submit to a chemical test. This implied consent violation by itself may result in a license suspension. Our lawyers can help you contest the allegation as part of the defense, but you must work quickly to request your hearing.

Hire A South Carolina DUI Lawyer for Drunk Drivers

Driving under the influence doesn’t have to ruin your life. You face serious penalties, and you must address them. Our South Carolina DUI lawyers can help.

In 2018, David Aylor was voted Best DUI Attorney by the readers of the Charleston City Paper. He’s proud of his history of success fighting for the rights of people like you.

David Aylor is an experienced trial lawyer with a wealth of knowledge of the court system. Although he is aggressive and passionate as a criminal defense litigator, he also has experience as a prosecutor. He knows what the prosecutor doesn’t want you to know, and what they’re not going to tell you. He knows what makes DUI charges successful and where to look for errors as he defends your case.

The team at David Aylor Law Offices is dedicated to helping individuals reach the best possible outcomes when they face DUI charges. Your future depends on it. You face jail time, fines and license penalties. It may cost you your job and your reputation – but you can fight back.

A criminal charge isn’t a conviction. The state must prove the charges against you. You have a right to contest the charges and protect your rights. Our lawyers are trained professionals who help people like you defend against criminal charges in an effective way.

If you’ve been charged with DUI, contact us at (843) 548-1577 for a consultation. See how we can defend against your DUI charges. Call us today.

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