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DUI Defense Lawyers Serving North Charleston

We are DUI defense lawyers representing people charged with drunk driving in the North Charleston area. If you are charged with DUI, you have important rights. There is a presumption of innocence. You are not guilty simply because you have been arrested or charged.

It is our goal to evaluate the entire situation and exercise your rights with a personalized defense. There may be ways to respond that lessen the penalties or have the charges thrown out entirely. We investigate, file the paperwork, and explore all the options.

How you respond to the adversity of a DUI charge will impact you now and in the future. Our North Charleston DUI lawyers are committed to helping both residents and visitors to the area. We can start representing you today. Call or message us for your consultation.

Fighting a DUI Charge in North Charleston

When we represent a client facing a DUI charge, we do many things, both inside and outside the courtroom. Some of the ways we may assist you are:

  • Preserving evidence quickly
  • Evaluating the arrest and whether law enforcement violated constitutional protections
  • Determining whether chemical testing was reliable and meets scientific standards
  • Challenging or responding to an implied consent/breathalyzer refusal
  • Interviewing witnesses, examining and cross-examining them on the stand
  • Scrutinizing the use of field sobriety tests and their results
  • Filing court motions and conducting hearings to suppress evidence
  • Conducting trial on your behalf; arguing your case to the jury
  • Negotiating a settlement

Throughout the case, we explain each step and the various factors that you need to consider. An important part of our representation is guiding you through the options so that you can make the best choices for you.

Each case starts by listening to your story. See how we can help you fashion the right response to your DUI charge. Contact our law firm today to learn more.

Breathalyzer refusal and implied consent representation

If you refuse a breathalyzer or chemical test, our lawyers can help you respond. Refusing a chemical test can automatically suspend your license even if you are never convicted of DUI. Our lawyers can help you request an implied consent administrative hearing and represent your legal interests.

First Offense DUIs, Second Offense DUIs, and Multiple Offense DUIs

Whether you are facing a first, second, third or fourth DUI, there is no such thing as a minor drunk driving charge. Any drunk driving conviction can significantly interrupt your life.

The David Aylor Law Offices provide professional representation for all DUI charges whether you are facing a first, second or subsequent offense. Whatever the circumstances, we will help you address them in a way that is personalized for your situation. We are proud to stand with members of our community and assist you when you need to rely on our experienced representation.

Potential Penalties for Drunk Driving Offenses

South Carolina treats all drunk driving as a serious offense. Possible penalties someone might face are:

  • Jail – Jail exposure varies based on the BAC content and whether the driver is a repeat offender
  • Fines – Fines begin at $400 for a first offense and can be as high as $10,000
  • License Suspension – In addition to a period of suspension, an ignition interlock device may
  • monitor driving
  • Treatment – The Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP) evaluates the person’s substance use history and recommends a treatment program
  • Restitution – Restitution is paid for pecuniary losses to a victim if a crash occurs
  • Probation – Probation may be imposed with conditions
  • Criminal Record – Drunk driving convictions are not eligible for expungement in South Carolina
  • Insurance – An offender may need insurance that is SR-22 compliant

In addition to these penalties, there may be restrictions on international travel and immigration consequences. A conviction can create problems with getting or keeping a commercial license. In addition, a conviction can make an employer hesitate to hire you.

As your North Charleston DUI lawyers, we aim to eliminate or reduce these consequences. We look at the entire picture to determine how to pursue your legal interests.

DUI Charges in North Charleston

Several different law enforcement agencies may make DUI arrests in North Charleston:

City of North Charleston Police

2500 City Hall Ln

North Charleston, SC 29406

Charleston County Sheriff

Berkeley County Sheriff

Dorchester County Sheriff

South Carolina Highway Patrol

As part of our representation, we can work to obtain police reports, chemical testing calibration logs, witness information, 911 call records and other information important to your case.

Why Choose Our DUI Defense Lawyers?

Each day, people in North Charleston rely on David Aylor Law Offices when they need representation in criminal defense matters. Here are some reasons why:

  • Extensive litigation experience including as an Assistant Solicitor
  • Complete legal representation including all court filings and appearances
  • Preparation for each court hearing so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you
  • Thorough evaluation of all options, trial rights, alternative options and plea negotiations
  • Experience building a thriving legal practice since 2007
  • Personalized representation for your individual circumstances
  • Communication throughout the case
  • You direct the course of your case, but we guide you through all the things you need to consider plea options and other important choices in the case
  • Dedication to advocating for members of our community when they face difficulties

The state must prove the case against you. You have every right to exercise your legal rights. Our experienced lawyers help you do so effectively. We are dedicated to the mission of protecting your interests and assisting you through this challenging time.

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