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Losing a loved one is an unimaginable tragedy. You want answers, justice and compensation, and you deserve them all. David Aylor Law Offices is a team of professionals with a track record of success helping people like you. We provide professional, dedicated and compassionate legal services in wrongful death claims in North Charleston.

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Serving North Charleston Victims and Families

David Aylor Law Offices is proud to serve the North Charleston community. We have grieved with our clients as they suffer the pain of losing a loved one. In addition to the tragic loss, you may experience a loss of financial support, final medical expenses of your loved one and other losses. Let us handle the legal aspects and the process of obtaining compensation.

Since 2007, we have been helping victims assert their rights. Providing accessible and qualified legal services for grieving families makes our community stronger. With our extensive experience in the law, inside and outside the courtroom, we ensure that you are treated fairly.

Wrongful Death Laws

The wrongful death statute protects the rights of families. Here is a summary:

  • South Carolina has a written wrongful death statute, found in S.C. Code § 15-51-10 to § 15-51-60.
  • The right to bring a legal claim is based on the same standards for wrongful acts, neglect or default that would have applied if the person had lived.
  • Certain relatives benefit from the claim, depending on who survived the deceased family member. A wife, husband, spouse, child, parent or heirs may be the beneficiary depending on survivors. The case is brought in the name of the executor or administrator.
  • Exemplary damages are available when the defendant acted with recklessness, willfulness or malice.
  • The law outlines procedures including how to petition for court approval of a settlement.
  • A wrongful death claim is not allowed where there was a complete personal injury claim prior to the person’s death.
  • The purpose of the claim is to award financial compensation to survivors. It is not a criminal homicide case. A case may be based on intentional assault of the victim, but it may also be based on negligence or other legal theories of wrongdoing.

Damages may include a wide variety of personal and financial losses. As your lawyers, we handle the legal steps of bringing the claim along with explaining everything to you. We want you to have confidence in our services while we work for justice on your behalf.

Settlements and Judgments for Families – Justice for Victims

The purpose of a wrongful death claim is primarily financial compensation. In addition, the case may create accountability for the party responsible for causing the death. You may pursue a judgment by having a trial, or you may resolve the case with a fair settlement.

Compensation you receive may include:

  • Lost earnings and income
  • The value of lost employment benefits
  • Medical expenses the person incurred
  • Final expenses including funeral and burial
  • Emotional loss of the person’s guidance, companionship and personal support
  • Pain and emotional anguish of survivors

Are you wondering your chances for winning a wrongful death lawsuit? Don’t wonder any longer – contact our North Charleston law firm for a consultation regarding your claim.

Affordable Fees – No Costs Upfront

People often wonder how they can afford to work with a wrongful death lawyer. At David Aylor Law Offices, we know that making our services affordable is important. That’s why we offer no costs up front, and all our fee agreements are in writing.

As part of our services, we can help you open the estate in probate court and request the appointment of the personal representative. Then, we can bring wrongful death and survival claims, negotiating your settlement or taking your case to trial.

What is a wrongful death lawsuit worth?

Because a wrongful death involves loss of life, all claims are worth a significant amount. There are several factors that may impact the amount that you may receive. The amount awarded is personalized to that situation and the losses that have occurred.

Get an individual consultation and learn what your wrongful death lawsuit may be worth. Learn more about the factors that may influence the amount of your compensation.

I’ve heard about something called a survival action. What is that?

A survival action is not the same as a wrongful death action, but it often accompanies it. It allows the estate to recover damages on behalf of the victim. Things like pain and suffering from their injuries, emotional distress, medical and funeral expenses can all be claimed.

Choosing Your North Charleston Wrongful Death Lawyer

Here are some reasons that people choose David Aylor Law Offices in North Charleston:

  • Complete legal representation, handling all the steps on your behalf in and out of court
  • Communication and attention to detail. Our legal team is always accessible to answer your questions and explain things about your case
  • A track record of success. Previous satisfied clients reflect our mission and dedication to your case and legal needs
  • Lengthy courtroom experience. Our founder, David Aylor, has had several legal roles that involved extensive time in the courtroom litigating cases. He is comfortable pursuing your case in full
  • Attention to detail with a customized case plan for your situation

How do I choose a wrongful death lawyer?

Are you wondering how to choose a wrongful death lawyer? Contact us for your consultation. There’s no obligation. Get to know us and learn how we can help.

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