Most Nursing Home Falls in South Carolina Are Preventable

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Anyone can slip and fall, trip and fall, or simply lose their balance and fall. It happens to the children, to adults, and particularly to the elderly. In fact, one of the reasons you may need to consider placing a loved one in a nursing home could be the fact that they have grown more […]

Put a Stop to Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in South Carolina

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When you have a loved one in a nursing home, you are already facing difficult emotional and financial challenges. You may be anxious about the care they will receive, and you may be admitting them to the facility because there are no other feasible options. Not everyone has the ability to provide the necessary care […]

DDSN Medicine Error Rate Raises Eyebrows

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Some South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs facilities have medicine error rates as high as 25 percent, according to a recent survey. Despite the fact that almost a quarter of the homes which an area newspaper examined had dangerously high rates, DDSN Director Beverly Buscemi insisted that the agency’s medication administration procedures were […]

Patient Apparently Left To Die In the Rain

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A nursing home caregiver left a disabled patient outside unsupervised during Hurricane Matthew; the patient subsequently drowned in a puddle of water. 66-year-old David Outlaw was a resident at the National Health Care facility in Columbia; the Vietnam War veteran had suffered multiple strokes and was partially paralyzed. During his seven years at the facility, […]

Three Types Of Elder Abuse In South Carolina

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Observers predict that the number of Americans over 65 will double by 2050, and the increasing population means increased abuse incidents. So, the 2.1 million reported abuse cases will probably at least double in that period as well. Experts caution that the abuse figure is vastly understated, because they estimate that only about one case […]

South Carolina Nursing Home: Understanding Residents’ Rights

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Each year, many families in the Charleston area are forced to make difficult decisions regarding the future living arrangements of vulnerable loved ones. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that nearly 15,000 South Carolinians currently live in certified nursing facilities. While a nursing home is the right place for many, it is never an easy call. […]

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse Claims: What You Need to Know About Arbitration Clauses

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Recently, the editorial board of the The New York Times posted an opinion piece criticizing the frequent use of arbitration clauses in nursing home contracts. Many nursing residents are required to signed agreements containing forced arbitration clauses before they enter the facility. The clauses will have a major impact on any future potential nursing home […]

Charleston Nursing Home Abuse: What if the Abuse Comes From Other Residents?

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CBS News recently reported on a highly disturbing, trend in nursing home abuse. Increasingly, victims are being abused by other residents at the assisted living facility. This is both disheartening and unacceptable. Nursing homes have a legal responsibility to protect their residents from all forms of abuse. Just because the abuse comes at the hands […]

Charleston Nursing Home Abuse: What Damages Are Available?

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Every year, many South Carolina residents are forced to come to terms with the difficult decision of putting a loved one in a nursing home. This is often a very emotional process, and the absolute last thing we want to think about is the possibility that our loved one will be mistreated. A lot of […]

South Carolina Nursing Home Abuse: Social Media

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An especially disturbing news report was recently filed by a Fox Affiliate in Massachusetts. According to the report, employees of a Lowell, Massachusetts nursing home were violating and abusing elderly patients by posting humiliating videos and pictures on social media applications.   Two nursing assistants allegedly took snapchat videos of a 76 year old woman. […]