Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped?

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Getting charged for a crime can put a damper on your life. You may be worried about the consequences of your actions and hoping that the Myrtle Beach criminal charges just go away. These charges do have the possibility of getting dropped depending on the circumstances of your case. This can mean that even though you were charged with a crime, you will not be prosecuted for your actions. There are several instances where a prosecutor will drop the charges.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped If There Is No Evidence?

In a criminal case, the prosecutor has the responsibility of proofing beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. While they may know that you were responsible for the Myrtle Beach criminal charges, they may have to drop the case if they don’t have enough evidence to prove that you were guilty. It can be difficult for a prosecutor to win a criminal case without the proper evidence in place to show the court. You may find that your criminal charges are dropped if the evidence is lacking and they can’t prove you committed the crime.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped If I Am A First Time Offender?

Police departments and prosecutors are busy with a heavy workload of cases. If they see that this was your first offense for a minor crime, you may be fortunate enough to have it dismissed. It is not because they don’t think that you committed the crime. It is because they don’t have the time to spend prosecuting your case. They have limited resources on staff, and in their department, that could lead to dropping of your Myrtle Beach criminal charges. This can happen if a more severe crime occurs that needs additional attention or time to prove. You criminal charges will seem minimal in comparison and not be worth the time and effort to prosecute.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped If I Cooperate?

Cooperating with the prosecutor and the police department is always a good idea. You may be rewarded with a deal by assisting them in other cases that are more severe in nature. Being uncooperative with these officials will get you nowhere fast as they will be more apt to make an example out of someone that they had a hard time working with.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped If There Are No Witnesses?

If the witness in your case will not come forward and provide testimony, it can hurt the prosecutor’s case. They may not have an enough evidence to move forward with a trial and build a case. In the same instance, a witness can change their story to exonerate you. While a prosecutor doesn’t need witness testimony to move forward with a trial, it can make their case weaker. They may decide to drop the Myrtle Beach criminal charges because they know they can’t win any ways.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped If I Have Strong Evidence?

In a criminal case, the evidence is everything. If you have mounting evidence on your side supporting your innocent claims, you may find the prosecutor will drop the criminal charges. If the defense is known to have damaging evidence that will swap a jury, a prosecutor may not want to spend the time and resources on a trial that they know they can’t win and drop the charges altogether.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped If The Victim Will Not Come Forward?

You may find that your Myrtle Beach criminal charges are dropped at the victim’s request. While the prosecutor can still move forward with criminal charges even if a victim has asked that no charges be filed against you, in some instances they won’t. Victims that are uncooperative or unwilling to work with the prosecutor may make charges get dismissed as well.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped If There Are More Than One Defendant?

Often times where there is a crime, multiple people are to have had a part in it. They each will play a different role in the crime and can be charged with more or less severe criminal charges as a result. If your role was minor in a crime, you may be asked to testify against another defendant in exchange for your charge being dropped. A prosecutor may want one defendant prosecuted more than yourself and be willing to dismiss your charges if you help them out. This can also happen if the defendant has multiple charges or is wanted for a case where there is not enough evidence to prosecute. Your testimony could play a valuable part in trying another defendant. When it comes to evidence, your criminal charges could also be dropped if the court throws it out as inadmissible. This could have been key evidence in proving your guilt that the prosecutor needed to try the case and they may know that they can’t win without it.

Can My Myrtle Beach Criminal Charges Be Dropped Because I am A Good Person?

It does happen that the prosecutor for whatever reason will drop the charges just because they see the good in you. They may realize that you made a one-time mistake and this would be the only offense on your criminal record. No one knows what makes a prosecutor dismiss criminal charges just out of the goodness of the heart, but it is not a decision that you should count on happening. The prosecutor may also dismiss charges in the interest of justice and to reduce the financial burden of the taxpayers. It is important to note that just because your criminal charges were dropped, it doesn’t mean that the arrest for the crime was unwarranted or invalid in nature.  

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