Press Release: South Carolina Attorney David Aylor Accepts Client’s Payment via Bitcoin

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For Immediate Release: December 5, 2013

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South Carolina Attorney David Aylor Accepts Client’s Payment via Bitcoin

Transaction Represents First Publicly Known Recorded Bitcoin Payment Made in the United States for Legal Services

Charleston, South Carolina – The Law Offices of David Aylor reports that it has accepted a client’s payment in the form of Bitcoins. The transaction represents the first publicly recorded Bitcoin payment made in the United States for legal services. South Carolina Attorney David Aylor said that his client, who wishes to remain anonymous, completed the Bitcoin payment earlier today.

By completing this transaction, Attorney David Aylor has become the first attorney in the United States to record publicly a Bitcoin payment for legal services. Mr. Aylor stated, “My firm has had a Bitcoin account for some time and we have wanted to use it. We are glad that our client could pay using this unique method and we look forward to accepting more Bitcoin payments in the future.”

A Bitcoin is a crypto-currency represented by a series of computer code that translates to online monetary value. Since their inception, Bitcoins have been the sole method of payment on the Bitcoin network for transaction between two parties. There are two different methods to obtain a Bitcoin – a person must either “mine” the Bitcoin by using a complex computer coding verification of other Bitcoin transactions or purchase the Bitcoin through various online financial exchanges.

Attorney David Aylor first encountered Bitcoins this past April when his client was the first individual in the United States to have Bitcoins allegedly in his possession seized by the DEA. Since then, media outlets have sought out Mr. Aylor for his Bitcoins experience and knowledge of their emerging legal hurdles. Mr. Aylorrecently launched the Bitcoin Law Journal blog (, and will also be speaking at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami on January 25-26, 2014.

South Carolina Attorney David Aylor is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney practicing in Charleston, S.C. For more information, please visit


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