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Charleston Car Accident Lawyer

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An car accident can be a truly devastating moment in a person’s life. Between injury, loss of work and the inability to provide for your family, the last thing you need to worry about is being hassled into an early settlement by an insurance company. To learn more about how the Charleston car accident lawyers at David Aylor Law Offices can help you, visit the auto accidents page.

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Charleston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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On Charleston, South Carolina roads, motorcycle accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Many times, other drivers don’t pay attention, are driving distracted, or ignoring the rights of motorcyclists can cause you serious, if not fatal injuries.

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Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents account for five thousand deaths and over a hundred thousand injuries annually in the U.S. That’s a death or injury once every sixteen minutes in accidents involving large trucks, semis, and big-haul trailers.

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Workers' Compensation

Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation is not a luxury only some employees enjoy, it is a right for everyone in the workplace. If you have suffered from an injury on the job, David Aylor Law Offices wants to help you fight the insurance companies that do not want to provide you with financial aid after your accident. Let our Charleston attorneys join your fight. Visit our Workers’ Compensation page to learn more.

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DUI / Driving Offenses

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A DUI charge or other driving offense can greatly affect your life and can inhibit you from successfully getting a job, buying a house, or other major life decisions. The Charleston DUI attorneys at David Aylor Law Offices will explain your rights so you know what your options are through each step of your case. To learn more about what a Charleston DUI attorney can do for you and your DUI/driving offense, visit the DUI/driving offenses page.

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Criminal Defense

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As a criminal defense law firm in Charleston, we understand the consequences that come with a conviction for a violent crime. David Aylor Law Offices will work our hardest to prepare your case with all the needed evidence in order to clear your name of a conviction. To learn more about what the criminal defense attorneys at David Aylor Law Offices can do for you, visit the criminal defense page.

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Dog Bites

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Everyone loves their dogs. But even good dogs can bite. Across the U.S., it is estimated that dogs bite people around four and a half million times annually. South Carolina gets its share of bites and requires firm responsibility for the consequences. Due to the serious side effects of a dog bite—such as damage to nerves, festering, scars, and mental problems, like fear—the owners of all breeds and personalities of dogs must control them at all times to keep accidental bites from happening.

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Charleston Premises Liability Lawyer

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Owning property is one of the biggest accomplishments you will have in your life, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. You are required to keep any property that you own in an adequately safe condition. It is your responsibility to protect people against the possibility of any accidents on the property that could result in injuries. So, there are premises liability laws that protect victims and hold property owners accountable for the condition of their properties. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, or someone has been injured on your property, you need the help of a Charleston premises liability lawyer.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment isn’t just limited to women; it can occur toward both sexes. Employees and employers alike should be aware of what constitutes sexual harassment and what doesn’t. Sexual harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act put in place in 1964. This title protects people from being discriminated against, and also protects from sexual harassment in the workplace. To learn how David Aylor Law Offices can help with your sexual harassment issue, visit the Sexual Harassment page.

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Charleston Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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Do you have a loved one living in a South Carolina nursing home or long-term care facility? Millions of people across the country do, and more and more are admitted each day. It is understandable that loved ones worry about the care seniors are receiving in nursing home facilities, and wonder what to do should they suspect that abuse or neglect is taking place. To learn more about nursing home abuse and neglect, keep reading. 

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Medical Malpractice

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Doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical technicians and paramedics are human like all the rest of us and occasionally make mistakes of their own. In cases where negligence or recklessness was responsible for the death, it’s good to know that injured patients or their families can hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. To learn more about how David Aylor Law Offices can help you with your Medical Malpractice claim, visit our Medical Malpractice page.

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Related Title IX Actions

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At its most basic level, Title IX is a federal law that was designed to protect individuals from being discriminated against based on gender. Title IX originated as part of the Education Amendments passed in 1972 and was meant to provide equal opportunities for individuals in athletics and school admissions as well as to prevent discrimination based on pregnancy. To learn more about how an attorney at David Aylor Law Offices can help you with your Title IX issue, keep reading. 

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