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If you’ve been injured in a South Carolina auto accident, you may be considering hiring an attorney to assist with your case. You likely wonder whether searching for and hiring an attorney is worth it, after all, how helpful will a lawyer be anyway? To find out more about what a good South Carolina auto accident attorney can do to assist with your case, keep reading.

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When to hire an Auto Accident Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in South Carolina there are plenty of reasons to consider hiring a Charleston auto accident lawyer. Cases that involve serious physical injuries, especially those that could lead to permanent disability or long-term health problems, are instances where an attorney can be especially valuable. Instances, where there is disagreement over who was at fault for the accident which might boil over into contentious litigation, are other examples of times where reaching out to an attorney early on is a good idea.

Finally, auto accident attorneys can be especially helpful in instances where you feel either pressured or ignored by the insurance company claims adjuster and fear you are being rushed into an unfair settlement. Lawyers can help advocate for you and ensure you are not taken advantage of by experienced claims agents whose only job is to save their company money.

When not to hire an attorney

Though there are a lot of cases where hiring an attorney is not only useful but necessary, there are some instances where going through the expense of hiring a lawyer may not be worth the bother. For instance, if charleston sc automobile accident lawyersthere’s little if any physical damage, a scraped knee or some minor cuts, and the other party has already accepted responsibility, it’s likely the case that the cost of a lawyer will prove too high to be worth considering.

Now that we’ve talked about when hiring an auto accident attorney can be worthwhile, we should discuss some of the big reasons why lawyers are so useful in South Carolina car accident cases.

Automobile Accident Lawyers understand the legal system

The biggest and most obvious advantage of hiring a South Carolina auto accident attorney is that you can rely on the advice and experience of someone who is intimately familiar with South Carolina’s sometimes confusing laws. While you may be intimidated by the volume of laws and regulations out there, your attorney went to school specifically to do this work and should be confident wading into the material.

A skilled Charleston auto accident lawyer will know not only what things need to be proved to win, but also how best to frame an auto injury case to ensure the client receives the most compensation possible. Experience also enables lawyers to be comfortable with various judges in the area and confident in their ability to successfully handle whatever comes their way. Too often, inexperienced lawyers can be scared into settling simply to avoid a courtroom confrontation, something that attorneys with years of experience under their belts need not fear.

Car Accident Attorneys can save you a lot of hassle

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer to handle your South Carolina auto accident case is that it is nice to have someone else do the legwork involved in a civil case. If your case is a complicated one, it can involve tracking down dozens of doctors, requesting reports and medical records, assembling and totaling medical bills, talking to witnesses, approaching experts, analyzing police reports and many other tiring tasks.

These chores are exhausting for anyone, but especially those still trying to put their lives back together after an auto accident. The stress associated with handling an auto accident claim on your own can be even more debilitating than the injuries themselves. It’s for this reason that handing the stress of a case over to your attorney is often seen as a welcome relief.

It’s nice to have someone on your side

A final, but nonetheless important, the reason why many people choose to ask for help from a Charleston auto accident attorney is that they simply like knowing that someone is on their side. When you hire a lawyer, you are hiring a personal advocate, someone who will work tirelessly to push for your own best interest. When you’re up against the experience and financial power of an insurance company, it can be a huge relief to know that you have someone standing in your corner able to go to bat for you.

A good lawyer will actively listen to you and work hard to ensure that your needs are met, a welcome change of pace in the often overwhelming civil justice system. Attorney David Aylor has assisted countless injured individuals across South Carolina and helped secure damages for the harms they’ve suffered. David Aylor, a Charleston SC Auto Accident Lawyer, understands that auto accidents can lead to stress and confusion, leaving injured motorists and their families with expensive medical bills and worry over how to move forward.

If you’ve been injured in a South Carolina auto accident and have concerns, feel free to call David Aylor today at 843.744.4444 or chat live here on the site.

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